Saturday, October 02, 2010

How to turn into a Dick (Sanchez) in a day

Poor Rick Sanchez.

CNN just fired his ass and all the pundits are pouncing on this latest slow-news non-issue.

Don't get me wrong. As someone who sits himself down in front of a camera delivering news as a glorified talking head, ol' Ricky Retardo ahould have known better than to shoot off his mouth on XM Radio.

Tsk, tsk. Painting Hebrews with the same tainted brush does not your job keep. Especially at CNN, rh?

It used to be that Rick was a decent reporter at a Fox affiliate in South Florida. But I suspect that eventually all this success and notoriety would have gone into his teeny weenie head.

And now Sanchez has joined the ranks of unemployed pros such as Don Imus, whose outspoken views have gotten him into more hot water than a lobster with nine lives.

Don't let the door beat you up when you leave, Rick. You deserve to get spanked for this.

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