Wednesday, August 24, 2005

BTK Killer Does It Hali Style

Hack up a whole bunch of people. Get sentenced to 10 consecutive life terms. Wind up as a tv movie of the week.

BTK sick-fuck Dennis Rader did his filthy little dees in Wichita, Kansas, which is no doubt a prairie city. This CBS-sanctioned exploitfest is currently wrapping up production in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is no doubt a nice, decent Maritime city - with some exceptions, of course.

Some people have qualms about Hali, with its mainly hilly topography, posing as Wichita. But if you look around, you'd find some pretty good places that would pass as "Anytown, USA". After all, this is one of North America's oldest cities, whose original immigrants included United Empire Loyalists booted out of the 13 colonies by revolutionaries.

But Hali, like the rest of Nova Scotia, is varied, and I am quite sure that some parts of the city could pass for Wichita.

Let's hope that in spite of numerous distractions of the intoxicating kind that production on this latest criminal cash-in gets done on time and under budget - I don't care about the hack job but I'd surely love to know what they've filmed.

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