Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Damn. Another Post-Long-Weekend Tuesday - Another Week.

A few litttle things to get off my chest on a wonkey Tuesday afternoon...
  1. Am I imagining things, or has Haloscan gone retarded on me?
    For those who want to be in the know in the unholy blogsphere, the company is responsible for the comments section and trackbacks for each of my evil posts. Strangely enough, some of my posts have single comments that have nada in them.
    And then there is one anonymous poster who should come out of the shadows with this inspiring comment...
    you are a dum fuck that doesn't know shit about this city... better not to get involved in stupid shit by spreading shit about people you have no fucking idea about.
    Excuse me, my fine literate little humanoid, but what post are we talking about?
    Yes... unfortunately, while Haloscan can track posters' IP addresses (and I know that you're living somewhere in the HRM, kid - show up, Brat!), it's unable to attribute the post on which the comment was based. In other words, I have no clue what that brat was ranting about.
    So I'm back to looking for another way to maintain comments and trackbacks. While I may stay with Haloscan for the next little while, I might consider checking out other services like TypeKey, then I'll make my decision there and then.
    So for now, take your best shots.

  2. Two out of three ain't bad: the Halifax Regional Municipality more than made up for last month's fireworks-free Canada Day weekend but holding not one but 3 big honking firework displays. I managed to see 2 of them - the MacDonald Bridge's 50th anniversary display on Saturday, and Monday's in-harbour blowout. As was expected, everyone was satisfied.
    Yes, I do have a soft spot for things that generate oohs and ahhs. Let's hope that the weather gods will be a little more generous next year.

  3. Another take on Star Wars: from the same band of lunatics that gave you "Troops" comes "I.M.P.S. - The Relentless", a multi-part fan-film series about the men and women in the best damn job in the Galaxy, the Imperial Forces.
    I'm just blown away by the production and the storyline of Chapter 1, which introduces us to the Relentless Battle Group and the people who work there. Note certain references to other fabled sci-fi series in one tense scene. And the music kicks ass!
    I'll save you some of the trouble of going to the site and have you click right here to download.
    In short, I just can't wait for Chapter 2 to show up. In the meantime, I'll give props to the creators and the participants of this project.

  4. And speaking of props... check out this interesting Qu├ębec-based hip-hop site broadbeat.ca, created by Domenic Morissette, a.k.a. ElKiMo. If you have Internet Explorer, Winamp and a decent proficiency in French, you're all set to go. Currently, the internet t.v. side of the site is into reruns, but as soon as ElKiMo returns from Naval Reserve training, there will be some new schizznat to check out. Big up, AB Morissette!
And so... there you go. And I didn't bash any liberals this time.

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