Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Occasional Rant - I hate today! Amy is alive!

Nov Scotia. A great place to visit. And a lousy place for winter weather.

If you love snow flurries mixed in with slushy slurries, this is the place for you here and now.

And without much further ado, here we go...
  1. This day sucks donkeys! On my day off from work and everything that could happen in winter happened all at once.

    I though that I could head out and catch a movie, do some shopping or chill at Timmy's, but the weather was doing its version of mood swings, so I stayed home and vegged.

    At least I could get some cleaning and cooking done. But that's cold comfort without diversions.


  2. Winehouse in da house! Congrats to Amy for pwning almost all the Grammys her shaky little hands could manage.

    Extra big ups to Herbie Hancock who proved to everyone that good jazz is alive and well.

    And extra big-ups to Kanye West for being himself as usual.

    Boo-hiss to the engineers trying to bust West's acceptance speech with a little bit of death metal.

    And a big chill out to Natalie Cole - from one ex-addict to another, ease the hate and give the Winehead some slack.

    Yes... I still believe that Amy should've stayed at home, but she said no, no, no. At least her set didn't turn out to be another "Gimme More" clusterfuck a la Britney, even though she seemed a little bit lost. But then rehab doesn't buy itself.
Done for now. Juno on Sunday. Verdict this Monday.

And so... there you go.

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