Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Occasional Rant - No Sleep! / Page Centre Stage / iPhone: the Prepaid Conundrum

And so here we go...
  1. I'll sleep when I'm dead! I always have this thing about days when I don't have to go to work.

    I've made it a point to take advantage of the sunlight to do stuff, like making entries like this.

    The problem is, my body could only take so much abuse that as much as I want to get on to a second, third or fourth wind, my wee brain starts thinking otherwise.

    This usually happens when I work the graveyard or late evening shifts. After work there would be a lengthy period of decompression where I would gather my thoughts and make plans for the next day. This goes everything against all that I've learned in my 12-step programs.

    The more I worry, the more I do junk, then...


  2. HEADS! The Wooden Monkey on Argyle might be getting more than a few more customers after tonight.
    Not all people running around with cameras will be tourists.
    And someone might wind up lurking area high schools for the next big thing.
    Ellen Page's star is rising fast. Faster than a Victoria-class sub in an emergency, faster than an old-school ICBM.
    On a personal level, the Monkey is a very nice place. Most of the dishes are natural, organic and locally produced. Last time I was there they had the veggie gyoza and this tofu cheesecake that is to kill for. What the hell is going to happen to the place when the stalkerazzi descend on Halifax like famished locusts?
    And I feel for some of the students at the schools Ellen attended. I fear that some goon from Access Hollywood or Extra will push for some dirt on the kid from people who may have had the slightest passing acquaintance.
    If Ellen were to win the Oscar, one can bet that there will be expectations galore. Expectations for bigger, more demanding roles. If she could take the heat, all the power to her and everything else. But people worry about what might happen if/when the hype hits the fan. And Hollywood, being a town of jaded elders, eats its young like candy.
    Thankfully, Ellen seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and she should keep it if the heat turns up.
    I still think that Julie Christie or Marion Cotillard will pwn the paperweight. I'll find out tonight.

  3. iPhone - not a goddamn toy. For those people stateside who are hungering for Apple's latest gift to humankind, a word of advice.
    Don't try to aim for prepaid service.
    Especially if you have good credit.
    First, prepaid is more expensive than a contract service. You are actually paying more green for less service than you think. The lowest contract price actually offers you more than the lowest prepaid price (monthly prepaid plan rate + 19.99/month for data). Check that one out. Plus you get to do some roaming with a contract. Prepaid customers don't have that privilege. Sorry, boss.
    Secondly, and most importantly, you're getting the same damn service, security and responsibility as contract people.
    If you know that your credit is royally fubar, iTunes would let you know, then give you a choice of going to the nearest AT&T store or going prepaid. It's that simple.
    If I were you, I'd think before I run.
    The saddest thing is that living in Canada, I couldn't get my greasy palms on those babies, yet. Sigh.
And so, there you go. Lotsa luck, Ellen.

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