Friday, July 23, 2004

"How about this heat?"

In about an hour's time I'll be heading out to the Fleet Club to do some Karaoke and down some drinks.

But before that... here are a couple of random thoughts:

  • The CRTC recently denied broadcasting licences to RAI International, Fox News and HBO and granted one to Arab-World newsnet (and occasional al-Qaeda mouthpice) Al Jazeera.

    If I am not mistaken, the CRTC's main perogative is supposed to be "vested with the authority to regulate and supervise all aspects of the Canadian broadcasting system, as well as to regulate telecommunications common carriers and service providers that fall under federal jurisdiction." Yet there are some pundits who are concerned about the commision taking on a more ideology-based slant in their decision-making: the CRTC has managed to clock block Fox, RAI and Spanish network TVE from broadcasting, refuse to renew licence to Quebec City's CHOI-FM because of some politically-incorrect jokes uttered on their morning show, AND YET give licences to Al Jazeera and other networks.

    Whatever happened to freedom of expression in this country? Is the CRTC trying to regulate broadcasting standards or are they moving into the realm of thought control? So much for them being "an independent agency responsible for regulating Canada's broadcasting and telecommunications systems." With Psycho Paul Martin's government veering towards the Hippy Dippy Left, changes are heading our way.

  • Speaking of Paul Martin - shame on those who gave him a minority victory! The previous election was about change but I believe that there were people who preferred more of the same.

    And what about the sponsorship money that was squandered on all those pro-Liberal ad companies in Quebec? I wonder if any of it really got put to good use during the election. Naah!

  • My feel-good hit of the Summer at the moment: "Get Your Hands Off My Woman" by the Darkness. Rock on Justin Hawkins!

  • On my mind right now... where can I get tickets to Britney Spears's wedding? Sign me up.

On that note... I'm off drinking.

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