Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Occasional Rant - Don't try to be Canadian, Barack Obama.

For much too long I have remained silent on the political front. Sobriety had calmed my virulence, yet I have lost patience with a dysfunctional conservative alliance and an increasingly unrestrained radical-progressive juggernaut.

You seem to forget that the unwashed hippy radicals of the 60s and 70s have grown up to become the Establishment that they once loathed.

You seem to forget that the counterculture and its fallout have gone mainstream.

You also seem to forget that the more things change, the more everything stays the same. People are still killing each other over deceased gods and ideologies, all for the sake of power and ephemeral immortality.

And now U.S. president (and crowned Mortal Messiah) Barack Obama is doing the seemingly unthinkable act of turning his country into... CANADA?

With all respect, Mr. Obama, you just can't do that. Seriously.

First of all, you may have a huge honking tax base, but none of the shit that you want comes cheap.

Canada's social welfare system may be better than yours, but like any others it is flawed with susceptibility to fraud and mismanagement. We just simply refined it via decades of trial and error. And lots of money.

Which is why half of all our paycheques go to the Crown.

Which is why virtually everything comes with a sales tax.

Which is why we're so hard pressed to get the infrastructure into shape every year because a good chunk of cash is used to subsidise everything from food to pharmaceuticals.

Which is why we're all scratching our heads when stimulus packages go to big corporations rather than our pockets.

So why go through the trouble of pleasing every man, woman, child, chihuahua, anaconda without doing a little more research?

Why make all your speeches sound like strings of expendable fell-good slogans?

Most of all. why waste taxpayers' and advertisers' dollars on all those television appearances? You're neither Jay Leno, Denis Leary nor LL Cool J.

America is very set in it's ways. If you want profound change, you have to let the people know that you have the balls and the knowledge to make it happen. Otherwise you'll be stuck with an upset, confused and frustrated electorate.

The reason why you won the Presidency is not because you were good, had better ideas or were Black. It's because your opponent had less balls and intelligence than you.

People forgot how to lead. There is no-one to provide a template for it. All the people who knew how to inspire and guide and win are either dead or vegetating from Alzheimer's. That's the problem.

If you fail your people, if you fail to show and support one vision with resolve and wisdom, then you will have failed yourself, your party and those who truly want to lead and prevail.

In other words, Barack, don't try to be Canadian. That's our job.