Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hometown Diary:
What In The Name Of Hell
Is Happening To My T-dot??!!!??

One of the reasons
for my rant:
Jane Creba, 1990-2005

This is not my Toronto.

This was not supposed to happen. Especially on Boxing Day, in broad daylight, with a large crowd.

Sadly, it had happened before - once, in 1994.

Just Desserts. Downtown. 1 robbery. 1 shotgun blast. 1 dead.

Not too many people remember Vivi Lemonis nowadays, but because of her, we got really pissed off for a while.

7 years in trial. 2 convictions. 1 acquittal. 1 firearms registry implementation.

Then we all went into a collective stupour.

The guilty party may have gotten long sentences for their trouble, but those stupid enough to grab their dicks with one hand and brandish a sidearm with another still run around, ejaculating full metal jackets, missing their intended targets and eventually killing someone there at the wrong time.

The city's mayor, David Miller, still has no clue what happened on Yonge St. Boxing Day, nor had he any before, nor will he get any after. But asking a Penthouse/Hothouse Socialist to face reality is akin to trying to get a piece of plywood to grow into a tree. Paulyanna is still in an eternal state of denial, blaming this tragedy on society's ills, economy, blah blah blah. If this were true, Prime Minister, then Parkdale, Regent Park, Jane-Finch, Gottingen St. in Halifax, North-End Dartmouth, Vancouver's East End - all of Canada's low-rent districts would've gone up in smoke, engulfed in the flames of frustration and no-brained unfocused rage and confusion. No amount of platitudes by trolling political leaders will undo the damage caused by the Boxing Day showdown.

What happened was not a settling of scores, a redress of grievances or even a show of bravado. This was a terrorist act.

Black or white, brown or yellow - it doesn't matter. People without a moral compass - raised on a diet of bad television, video game consoles and escapist "gangsta" hip-hop videos ressembling nothing more than updated "minstrel shows" with SUV's, 40-ouncers and loose-but-sexy ladies possesing nothing more than a thong, a pulse and a vacant smile - want to relive their fantasies out in the real world without regard for life, limb and consequences. And in the process of dick-grabbing and cap-popping, a little girl gets killed.

It's stuff like this that's pissing me off.

From this point on, it's open season on the wanksters.

They will be hunted down and brought to justice. No amount of lying will get them off. They will all be treated the same.

None of this will make things any better, but maybe someone will think twice before popping off a cap.

If only our leaders had any balls...

Monday, December 26, 2005

What Am I Doing Tonight?
Empire's 1Sound -
"Return Of The Titans"

You people may realise one of the links on the left.

I am a fan of jungle, and one of the Toronto scene's longtime supporters.

Therefore, it's no surprise that tonight, I'll be heading to the soon-to-be-closed System Soundbar for a big blowout featuring the scene's legends such as Lush, Natural MC, Caddy Cad, Marcus (Visionary), Mystical Influence, Sniper, Trajedy, JD, etc., etc.

The main man, Ryan from Hustlin' Beats, has promised that it will be a killer night. As someone who has been away from the T-dot since 2000, it better be killer.

Check out this pic, then decide. If you're in the area, represent!

Big up, Ryan. I'll be there.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Still a bit off the grid after chilling a little bit too much.

But I'm still compiling a list of people for my Festivus airing of grievances.

So if you're still pissed off about the lack of output, just chill. This Doctor is still operating, only just a few pounds heavier! (heh heh heh)

Meanwhile, email me if you wish - the addy's in my profile.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Off The Freakin' Grid...
For Now.

I'm just about finished packing up my stuff and cleaning up my space before flying off to T-dot this evening.

As a result, there will be no ranting and gnashing of teeth for the time being.

In the meantime, a couple of items to clear out...

  1. If you don't know the New Pornographers, get to know them before they either
    1. get too big;

    2. implode;

    3. get too old; or

    4. any combination or all of the above.
    For all you Can-indy-rawwwk heads, you might recognise one familiar face in their "Use It" vid. I did. If you have the answer, email or IM me (email in profile).

  2. And since this is the most wonderful time of the year, let's set aside our X-mas/Hanukkah/Ramadam/Kwanzaa formalities and revel in the marvel of Festivus and grab an aluminum pole.

    And what better way to celebrate it than "The Airing Of Grievances", to take place on the 23rd. Get your poles ready and yourselves bulked-up: it's going to be nasty-ass!
Anyways... I'm off to bed. See ya on Friday.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oh, Fuck Off,
Tucker Carlson.

At least he ain't
Michael Crook, thank G-d.
MSNBC's Tucker Carlson thinks that Canada is the "new France".

It's just like saying that polka-dots are the "new blacks": it just doesn't make a lot of sense.

It seems that south of the mythical 49th parallel, the Yanquis are just dissing us, in spite of the fact that after 40 years of "Liberalisation", we are trying to shake off the anti-Yank paranoia.

Now, I'm quite sure that Brother Tucker is a sensible human being and not a frothing at the mouth moonbat. But I do take umbrage at this quote.
Last week, MSNBC host Tucker Carlson told his audience Canada "is like your retarded cousin you see at Thanksgiving."

"He's nice, but you don't take him seriously."

And that was just one of the famously right-wing political pundit's rants.

"Anybody with any ambition at all, or intelligence, has left Canada and is now living in New York," he told his audience, insisting it was pointless to tell Canada not to criticize the United States.

"It only eggs them on. Canada is essentially a stalker, stalking the United States, right? Canada has little pictures of us in its bedroom, right?"

"It's unrequited love between Canada and the United States. We, meanwhile, don't even know Canada's name. We pay no attention at all," he said.
How retarded do you think this country is, Brother Tucker?

Let's see... you Yanks became a country in 1776, right.

We came into being - officially - in 1867. A difference of 91 years.

So you might say that in 91 years, we might be a prosperous beacon of conservative democracy.

And yes, living as your neighbour and being a sibling by virtue of a common parentage (Great Britain, just to let you know), we just love to prove ourselves by fighting above our weight-class. Unlike France, we do have a good amount of independance to be creative in our combative skills.

Yes, sometimes our leaders try to play onto our fears of being an American vassal state - no thanks to your MSM, which seems hell-bent on portraying your own country as a cesspool of vice and corruption. Yet these are those amongst us who have no fears of the USA, even though we are proud of our easy access to the basic health care needs (provided that we can still afford it).

Anyways - to make it short - if you Yanquis want to make fun of us, go right ahead. Bring it on, Mother Tucker. We can take it in just as much as we can dish out stuff about you. You can make fun of our socialistic tendancies as much as we can make fun of your flag-waving, Mom-and-apple pie, Stars-and-Stripes, big-business, whoo-ah attitude, combined with your inherant inability to pronounce the last of the alphabet properly and to spell simple words like "theatre" and "neighbour", and the fact that your beer is considered tap-water to us diehard Hosers.

After all, we are all Family, right?

Friday, December 16, 2005

WTF Is Up With The "Big-Ups"?

You probabaly have noticed a nice little table that looks like this...

Big-Up to...

Michelle Malkin,
LGF, The Rott


While this seems to be an exercise in ass-kissing (and it may be so), this actually represent the blogs to which I trackback certain articles.

Generally, these would be articles or blogs that caused me to write all this insane stuff, or where I got all my dis-information.

Think of this as a little thank-you/f-you to the originators and inspirators in the cyberspace.

So... expect more. And then some.

Sometimes, The Daily Kos Gets It Right...

I don't care too much for the Daily Kos, mainly because they're a bit too liberal for me.

But once in a while, someone decides to be on the same page as me.

Iraqi soldiers once had al-Zarqawi but let him go because they didn't "know who he was".

That's a bit fucktarded, and this post mentioned it.

Yes... it was a regrettable mistake - if you consider the thousands of lives lost to this opportunistic madman as being "regrettable". And as usual, the Kos-aks were at their ususal attack-poodle mode.

Here are some snippets...

But... (none / 1)

Catching him would take all the fun out of the War on Terror!

Single-mindedness is all very well in an animal claiming to belong to the same species as Shakespeare it is simply disgraceful. -Aldous Huxley

by Burton on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 05:00:17 PM PDT
Good grief... (4.00 / 12)

Did they lose their deck of cards?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead

by ilona on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 05:00:50 PM PDT
Another Perpetual Boogeyman (4.00 / 2)

Perhaps his release may not have been accidental? Maybe our idea of having a perpetual boogeyman is rubbing off on the Iraqis.

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.--Winston Churchill

by Sunqueen212 on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 05:25:13 PM PDT
My thoughts exactly! Of the billions of dollars (4.00 / 2)

spent in Iraq, we haven't provided "most wanted"
pictures for every soldier, or at every detainment center? Jeeze, not even a damn deck of cards for these guys?

What a sham....this whole mess is like living in the world of Dr. Strangelove, or Catch 22.

We couldn't f&*k this up anymore if we actually tried!

Nothing short of an aroused public can change things, nothing less than democracy is at stake- Bill Moyers

by maggiemae on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 05:28:04 PM PDT
Iraqi's already know how to fight, (none / 1)

they don't need to be trained to do that.

What they can't be trained to do is to love the occupiers who are there because the President lied to us and wants the brown people's oil.

I Supported the War When I Believed the Lies

by bejammin075 on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 05:08:17 PM PDT
It sucks when the Enemy points out something that you legitimately screwed up on.

It sure sucks more when they offer constructive criticism.

Big-Up to...

Ace of Spades


NWS Warning: Why Is The MSM Not Reporting Any Good Iraq News.

All throughout the blogosphere, people a complaining about media bias in the Iraq wars.

Right about now, Iraqis have completed voting for a new government.

Right about now, terrorists are on the run.

But the MSM is not reporting enough on the "good" news.

Maybe it's because they're waiting for a photo-op like this...

The use of this pic here is not meant to trivialise such a tragedy, but people running protest sites currently showing it are probably anticipating another such photo-op.

Well, look on the bright side... the girl in the center is alive and well and living in Toronto. She still feels the pain once in a while, but prefers to get on with living.

But I'm quite sure that the MSM has a perverse agenda to get the most lewd, lascivious stories to sell papers (and line reporters' resumés). It may not have anything to do with ideology and indoctrination, but producing pr0n for the massed can be too troublesome.

So to the media drones, get some optimism back into reporting, eh?

What If The "Peanuts" Gang Grew Up?

While trolling through the entertainment section of Yahho News, I stumbled across a review of a play depicting a grown-up version of Good Ol' Charlie Brown's old "Peanuts" gang.

The piece, "Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead,", contains all your favourite characters whose names have been changed to protect the guilty. Winning kudoes in the 2004 New York International Fringe Festival, the play has gone Broadway in a big way.

Royal's play gives us Van, a serious pothead who once was so desperate for weed he smoked his blanket. His older sibling, identified only as Van's sister, has ended up in a padded cell, with the words "The doctor is in," scrawled on the wall. She has become a pyromaniac. After all, she set fire to the little red-haired girl.

Then there are two blond babes with the names of Tricia and Marcy, slutty Valley Girls who are hot for Matt, a hunky, homophobic jock who, to compensate for his pigsty childhood, now has major issues with germs.

CB's bossy baby sister is an on-edge performance artist, given to dressing just like the bride of Frankenstein. We also have Beethoven, a piano-playing nerd confused about his sexuality and the object of major taunting by the rest of the kids, except CB, of course.
If you can fugure out the characters behind the names, you're a better being than I.

Personally, I'd go see the play for Eliza Dushku, just because, eh?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Erection 2006:
Paulyanna Whines Again

In addition to being a bit immature and unable to reign in his stable of jackasses, Paulyanna has been stoking the fires of our favourite disease, anti-Americanism.

"Mommy! The big bad ambassador
hurt me again! BWAAAAH!"

When you share the world's longest, relatively undefended border with the world's lone überpower, you would get slightly paranoid about your neighbour once in a while. In this election campaign, paranoia may be the biggest weapon.

A couple of days ago, the Yanqui ambassador, David Wilkins, scolded the phenomenon.

"I understand political expediency, but the last time I looked, the United States was not on the ballot for the Jan. 23 election," Wilkins told the crowd gathered just steps away from Parliament Hill.

"Just think about this: What if one of our best friends criticized you directly and incorrectly almost relentlessly? What if that friend's agenda was to highlight your perceived flaws while avoiding mentioning your successes? What if that friend demanded respect but offered little in return?" Wilkins asked.

"Wouldn't that begin to sow the seeds of doubt in your mind about the strength of the friendship?"
Of course, that was all in response about Paulyanna's accusations that W was not being Kyoto's bitch as everyone should be these days. Doing that within earshot of the Clintoris didn't help matters any better.

In his defence, Paulyanna whined:

"I have been raising the softwood lumber issue ever since I became prime minister, I have been raising the climate change issue ever since I became prime minister," Martin said Wednesday.

"These issues pre-date the election campaign, but if those issues arise, then I will deal with them as they arise. And I am going to call it as I see it.

Unfortunately, there is a time for diplomacy, and a time for bribing voters. By taking the low road of paranoia pandering, the insufferable incumbent has cheapened himself not only in face of his adversaries, but also his supporters.

How about this tidbit?

When asked what right Martin has to speak about others lacking a global conscience when Canada's track record on greenhouse emissions is far from shining, the Liberal leader simply repeated that the world needs a "new multilateralism."

"We live in a world where other countries, China and India, are rising to the fore, and the fact is, before we start having these huge tectonic giants clashing with each other, we have got to basically put in place rules by which the world is going to govern itself."
Well, excuuuuuuse me, Paulyanna! Back in the day, we took the initiative. We set the standards and expect the world to follow. Why wait for anyone to do it right while there is an opportunity to seize the moment? With that comment, you're implying that we should be bitches to multilateralism, right?

If you wind up getting re-elected with a majority, you should better start taking the initiative and act like a real world leader, not a multilateral lackey.

Whiny maggot.

Big-Up to...

Debbie Schlussel, The Captain's Quarters


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Movie Trailer You've All Been
Waiting For, You Hosers.

If you don't know, get to know.

If you don't have a clue, get one.

The trailer is parked right here, boys (and girls).

Okay. Smokes... let's go!

Erection 2006:
Scott Reid - Jackass

"What the fuck was I drinking, Duuuude?"
For the past couple of days, the Paulyanna Party People have been working overtime to wash the taste of smelly Guccis (or were they Bruno Maglis) out of their potty mouths after Grit communications director made the comment about the beer and popcorn being bought with Steve-O's $1200-a-year/child.

It's one thing to shell out bucks to buy families' votes, but it's another to make mockery of good intentions, especially if the person making the comment is a senior in the party Politburo.

In fact, the recipients would not be spending $25/day on popcorn and beer, Scotty.

They would rather spend it on something a little more worthwhile, like...

  • liquor and whores;

  • Chris Brothers Pepperoni;

  • the "Miami Vice: Season 2" DVD collection (out now!);

  • pot; or

  • surfing internet pr0n.
Well - I never liked Steve-O's idea anyways. I'm quite sure that those who could either afford day-care or stay-at-home care would pass on the bribe in favour of tax credits. Those who couldn't should qualify, though.

Still, Scotty's comments should be a little more subtle. So he did a mea culpa - whoop-ee. I'm sure that the Pork-aholics would still love him anyway.

Any more bright ideas, Steve-O?

F--k Spidey!
Hail The King!

Kudos to Ghost of a Flea for this!

And this...

I'd comment on that...
but it includes the word "head".

Sorry, Peter Parker - someone else is dipping into Mary Jane.

Of course, Kirsten Dunst: worth a bag and tag, and then some.

That's The Way
The Tookie Crumbles

By the time you read this, Crips founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams will have met his maker.

Convicted - beyond reasonable doubt, BTW - of murdering 4 people on different occasions, Tookie has spent much of his death row stay trying to buy time.

And write children's books decrying gang violence.

Now, FrontPage Magazine doesn't have too many nice things to say about a deceptively street guy - had he been Italian, he would make John Gotti look like a pathetic poseur. Tookie knew how to play. And man, did he ever.

Not to mention the fact that everyone, Right and Left, were dealing with a pretty bright (for the most part) mastermind. If it weren't for the drug habit he cultivated during his reign of terror, Tookie would have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the old guard Mafiosi and the new-skool Thieves-in-Law, Triads and Yardies.

Let's cut the crap. The man is as good as dead, but once there's a vacancy in the leadership, there will be bloodshed on who would be the next ghetto capo di tutti capi. By all accounts, Tookie was a self-made man, and he carried it quite well in the House.

As for the kids' books, I'd really like to read at least one of them. Are they really about fighting the "gang mentality", or are they either thinly veiled recruiting tomes or how-to books for wannabes?

Mumia Abu-Jamal is still on death row.

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter is a free man, but not innocent, and someone in cyberspace may be onto him like white on rice.

Never mind the colour. Think about the crime and the evidence.

Monday, December 12, 2005

All The Same Under The Skin...

Via the blog québecois and courtesy of Admit One is this touching story of a US Marine and a Jihadi "insurgent"™.

Bring your hankies.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

"... as bad as, like, whatever."

Hatz off to Michelle Malkin. (See her blog via my blogroll, you damn sloth!)

Some chap in England has ripped off a Washington Post article regarding some fine examples of nascent literature from the minds of Yanqui high school students.

Some excerpts...

  • He spoke with the wisdom that can only come from experience, like a guy who went blind because he looked at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it and now goes around the country speaking at high schools about the dangers of looking at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it. Joseph Romm, Washington
  • Her hair glistened in the rain like nose hair after a sneeze. Chuck Smith, Woodbridge
  • The hailstones leaped from the pavement, just like maggots when you fry them in hot grease. Gary F. Hevel, Silver Spring
  • Long separated by cruel fate, the star-crossed lovers raced across the grassy field toward each other like two freight trains, one having left Cleveland at 6:36 p.m. traveling at 55 mph, the other from Topeka at 4:19 p.m. at a speed of 35 mph. Jennifer Hart, Arlington
  • They lived in a typical suburban neighborhood with picket fences that resembled Nancy Kerrigan's teeth Paul Kocak, Syracuse, N.Y. (Nancy who? - Y2D)
  • John and Mary had never met. They were like two hummingbirds who had also never met. Russell Beland, Springfield

There's much more in that link. Like, whatever.

Wintersleep With Brian Borcherdt
And The Ladies And Gentlemen:
The Attic, Halifax, 10 Dec 2005

Last night, rather than engage in some silly, drunken dance-club bacchanalia, I decided to take in some pretty heavy indie-rawwk action over at The Attic (part of Halifax's infamous Dome super-club complex). I was not disappointed in my choice simply because each act is a force majeure on its own.

The opener, Brian Borcherdt, started this evening off with a mostly quiet one-dude-with-a-guitar set, punctuated with the occasional backup courtesy of members of Wintersleep and The Ladies and Gentleman. The T-dot rep's set reminded me of all those drunken basement parties where one dude with a guitar would play his heart out amongst the noise and clamour of schmoozing imbibers. But at least in his case, people started to take serious notice in the end.

Still on the T-dot tip, The Ladies and Gentlemen took pages out of Pavement, the Mars Volta and the Flaming Lips (with some Can-Rawwk detours to the Tragically Hip and the Broken Social Scene) to offer a nice little train-wreck of a set featuring old-school keyboards, hand-claps and airborne tabourines. The stayed out of the emo deathtrap by channeling all that energy through some decent 4-part harmonies, veteran bassist-frontman Thomas D'Arcy's laid-back energy and Kevin Hilliard's madman presence. I'm quite sure that I recognised a couple of guys in the group from being in other projects around the 'dot, but at least the locals in the venue ate it up.

Headliners Wintersleep, the local heroes of the night, put out the mostest, along with cameos from the opening acts (plus the flying tambourines, BTW) for their fellow Haligonians. Like Brian Borcherdt, Wintersleep has put out a few side-projects to keep themselves busy and fresh. Imagine Ten-era Pearl Jam and cross-breed it with Whale Music-era Rheostatics, and you get a very good show. Paul Murphy's Vedder-meets-Tielli vocals accentuate the bleakness of everyday living while Loel Campbell and Jud Haynes provided the rythmic oomph to the songs. Virtually everyone got in on the act way until last call.

All in all, it was a good night and $15+ well-spent. I recommend seeing any of these acts when possible.

And don't forget to buy their stuff while you're at it, eh?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Erection 2006:
Paulyanna Discovers
The Clintoris!

You kind of wonder why W is getting his Texas knickers in a knot over Paulyanna's diatribes about his country's lack of dedication to the Koyoto Protocols regarding global warming?

Normally, W would've laughed it off and said that Paulyanna should take a nice cup of "take a lude, dude".

However, let's go back a few years when ShawiniMan ruled the Maple Leaf Land of Make-Believe.

ShawiniMan and the Clintoris:
2-gether 4-ever xoxoxo

And for one brief, shining moment, he discovered the Clintoris. And the two great nations lived as siamese-twin brothers, joined at the hip in pure NAFTA bliss.

It's a bit hard who influenced whom: did ShawiniMan convince the Clint that Our medicare's better than theirs? Did the Clint make ShawiniMan complacent about his self-perceived invincibility? We may never know, but ideologically, the two governments were definitively on the same page. We Canucks became more blissfully complacent than our neighbours since we have no enemies (ShawiniMan loves everyone, you know. just because) and we all wanted to be a beacon to enlighten the heathen Southerners.

Then W came in and spoiled the party for the rest of us. Boo. Hiss.

Fast-forward a few years, a intern-cigar incident, a couple of terrorist attacks and some scandal involving ad agencies and some millions of luandered loonies, and Paulyanna seems to be in for a fight of his life. Having promised to ban handguns forthright (no long mandatory prison sentences - he'll lose future Grit party members that way), our Perennial National Wannabe went to Montreal for a global warming conference where he discovers the Clintoris in roughly the same way his predecessor did. Only this time, it was more than mere coincidence, wasn't it?

The Clint and Paulyanna:
Just friends?

Let's be fair at least this once. During ShawiniMan's reign, Paulyanna's voodoo economics kept the Great White North from being an economic basket-case. Okay... so our lower Loony did create problems for Snowbirds, but the Yanks love our cheap shiznat, thus creating trade surpluses year-after-year. Of course, we didn't know that some of that surplus would go into the creation of a national firearms registry, Pork payoffs to favoured Grit ridings, loony-tune national unity initiatives and Québec-based ad agencies. But since the Gomery Inquiry has absolved Paulyanna of any kind of sin (real or perceived), none of this matters.

So our Incumbent Wannabe denies getting too close to the Clint for his re-erection purposes, eh? Remember - this cigar-rapist was in full effect on Paulyanna's watch. And considering all the back-scratching that had happened between the two administrations back-in-the-day, doesn't anyone suspect some conspiracy brewing between the ex-prez and the future ex-PM?

As always, just wondering...

Dat Krazee Nigga*
Gone 2 Heav'n:
RIP Richard Pryor

He has battled racism, alcohol and drug abuse.

Richard Pryor: 1940-2005

But in the end, the man who inspired millions of comedians and made people laugh and think met an unbeatable and incurable foe in multiple sclerosis.

In spite of this terminal struggle, Richard Pryor never lost his sense of humour and acerbic wit. In the end, regardless of politics and ideology, the world is a poorer place.

We need more people who wield words and languages like swords and shields. We need artists who use syllables to stimulate and activate the masses' synapses. Sadly, there are quite a few comedians who hardly show as much class and grace and tell stories that are bittersweet and twisted as Pryor.

My condolences to his family, friends and those he left behind.

* Let's face it: in my worldview, everyone's a nigga. Word.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow,
Let It Snow, Muthafucka!

Winter finally arrived in Hali at approximately 17:30 last night.

"Ice, Ice, Baby!"

And man, oh man! Was it ever a muthafucka of a snowfall.

It dumped 30cm (1 ft.) here in the city, while the beautiful-in-the-summertime Annapolis Valley got hit with double.

90000+ homes went without power for the good part of last night and this morning.

In the meantime, I have identified 2 places for me to hang my proverbial hat. I'm moving out of quarters and going native.

The prospects are good - the Halifax Regional Municipality has one of the highest vacancy rates in the country, where people from all income brackets are catered.

I'm starting off small until I could establish myself as the "Ruler of the Universe"™. One place offered me a $200 shopping spree at Wal-Mart, while the other has a nice view and cool, blue carpeting.

My target is Dec. 15, so I have to chill before packing 5 years of accumulated shiznit. On top of that, I have to hit the Bargain Hunter for some decent used beds and furnishings. No easy feat, but I, being me, should have almost no trouble getting this project done.

So wish me luck as I move out into the community.

As for the snow, I can't complain much - someone has to pay for the nice and toasty summer weather.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Erection 2006:
So Who Are The Playas?

To anyone outside of Canada, welcome to my fucked-up world site.

As all of us should know by now, we are in midst of an election camplaign. All good Canadians will be able to exercise the democratic right of throwing the bums out of office (or keeping them in power) on 23 January 2006, which is why all the political parties are trying to play Santa Claus with promises of bright, shiny toys and filling us with visions of sugar-plums dancing around our heads.

Canada's MSM have supplied us mortals with 5 parties: the Liberals; the Conservatives; the Bloc Québecois; and the Greens. All of them, except for the Greens, will go head-to-head on a national tv debate in a couple of weeks time.

The exclusion of the Greens and other political parties verges on criminal. Not that I care much for the tree-hugging massive, but at least they derserve to get their voices heard, along with those from other parties. (I'll try to tackle this travesty in another post.)

This site should show you the list of contenders in this winter election season. It may not be the most comprehensive one around, but it's a start.

Erection 2006:
"We've Come For Your Children!"

Paulyanna on daycare:
"How much for ze little girl?"
At what price victory, Steve-O?

On Monday, on the electoral battlefield, you have decided to thow your gauntlet in the ring by promising to shell out $1200/year per child under 6 (after using it to smack the opposition upside their heads repeatedly).

Hell... I didn't know that ankle-biters can now vote. When did that happen?

Promising daycare to anyone with a pulse and some semblance of a synapse is a little bit too freaking generous, especially when you have falmilies that can afford either that or taking care of the kids at home.

Of course, Steve-O, you'll get the challengers off and running and they'll start to outbid and outdo you. Maybe, in the long run, the Enemy will expose itself to be a spend-thrifty opportunitst that should be denied power.

Sadly, by the looks of polls in Scary Ontari-ari-ari-o and Lotustan, people love PORK! And they're afraid that if you got elected, everything will look too freakin Kosher for these trough-aholics to handle.
"Parents can spend the money however they wish. You can choose the child-care option that best suits your family's needs," Harper said.

"It's hard enough to be a parent. But government should help parents with choices not limit them," Harper said.

"In fact, the only people who should be making these choices are parents, not politicians, not the government."
Maybe you should limit that to low-income types, not to spoiled-brat wannabe Yuppy families.

At the same time, Jacko and Paulyanna (don't get me started on Gigli - he just doesn't count as a real Federal candidate) have issued counterproposals to win the Toddler vote...

In the Grit camp, Paulyanna wanted to jack up the $5-billion pledge to $11-billion to the national daycare scheme.

Jacko's peeps are still trying to determine a suitable price-tag for the rugrats.

Meanwhile, the tots are clueless about the candidates' plans to buy their tiny souls.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Erection 2006 (not a typo, trust me):
Come Again, Jacko?

See the title? It just shows how much I really get excited over politics!

"... and I promise to smoke pot
for every chicken..."

But back to the subject at hand, in which we have our valiant NDP leader promising not to raise taxes if elected.

You've read it right. Read Jacko's lips - "No new taxes!"

This tax freeze talk is coming from a socialist, just to let you know.

One who is opposed to tax cuts for corporations... remember, more money to corps = more money to make and sell stuff = more demand = more jobs = more NDP voters. Simple math - and I suck at it!

Meanwhile... more money to us = more stuff to buy = more demand = more jobs = more NDP voters.

See, Jacko... tax cuts are your friends.

With an economist and his own "star" candidate by his side, NDP Leader Jack Layton on Monday opposed new tax cuts promised by the Liberals and Conservatives.

Layton lambasted a Conservative proposal to cut the GST, while promising his party would not raise taxes.
Talk about voodoo economics. It would be lovely not to see my paycheque shrink even further to fund all those "progressive" goodies that Mr. Olivia Chow is promising to an increasingly apathetic electorate. One, like CAW commissar Buzz Hargrove, must take into consideration that the NDP's chances of attaining parliamentary power are considerably better than the Pope converting to Shi'a Islam.

The party was struck a major blow on Friday when Canadian Auto Workers union head Buzz Hargrove threw his support behind the Liberals in ridings where New Democrats have little chance to win. Hargrove said the CAW, whose members traditionally support the NDP, will vote for Liberals in ridings where the NDP can't win in order to keep the Tories from coming into power.
Translation: a) he knows that Jacko ain't gonna be PM anytime soon; and b) Buzz loves Pork.

But of course, Jacko doesn't like to eat out of a pork-barrel, so in comes the Canadian Muslim Congress to the proverbial rescue!

The NDP won endorsement today by the Muslim Canadian Congress, which says the Liberals have taken Muslims for granted for too long. The group says tough federal security measures aimed at Muslims also played a role in the decision to back the NDP.
Translation: Jacko doesn't like Pork, so the Congress endorses him.

Meanwhile, Jacko has snatched a former bank exec to run in one of the Toronto ridings ("electoral districts") against a Grit cabinet minister and a former tv anchorman, Peter Kent.

One is speculating if the star candidate will get his old job back after the election. I am. What about the rest?

WTF: X-tians Baaaad -
Sikhs Gooood?

Sam Morris,
X-Tian Ho'.

The Rott dredged this nice little piece of Veddy Briddish silliness courtesy of one of their posters...

According to this article...

Sam Morris, 16, was reportedly sent home from Sinfin Community School, Derby, after she refused to remove a gold cross on a necklace.

She was told wearing a crucifix was not compulsory for Christians, so the necklace breached dress codes.

Other pupils are allowed to wear kirpan daggers and metal bracelets, as they are classed as religious symbols, said the Daily Express.

GCSE student Sam missed two days of study before her mother Debra Saunders, 37, allowed her to return to school without the necklace.
Translation: X-tianity = Evil; Sikhism = Just As Evil But At Least It Ain't X-tianity!

Just because X-tians (and the Damjooz, BTW) are not bound to wearing talismans doesn't excuse the school from banning them outright.

It's just another example of "whitey guilt" - the act of over-atoning for the sins of their forefathers, the self-flagellation, auto-defenestration of a culture on which their paticular society is based solely because they might "offend" someone.

As someone who is definitely not an X-tian, I find this incident offensive enough to warrant crucifixion, mainly because British civilization, like Anglo North American civilization, is/was based on X-tian, protestant principles.

And for some bizarre reason known only to G-d, Ha-shem Himself, it has prospered and flourished in such a way that English, not French nor Spanish nor Latin, has become the dominant lingua franca today. That, on its own, is sufficient ammo for the British Israelists.

As one great Dr. has said...

Nigga we started this gangsta shit.
And this the motherfuckin thanks I get?
It's funny how time fly,
I'm just havin fun, just watchin it fly by.
- Dr. Dré, "The Watcher"
Talk about biting the hand that feeds, eh?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Another Palestinian™ Shows Gratitude:
Kills 5, Injures 30

( Suicide bomber kills 5 at Israeli shopping mall...

(Certain) Palestinians, grateful for having land given to them by Eretz Israel, are still showing gratitude in the generous spirit of the followers of the great, merciful Grand Mufti Hajj Amin.

One of them demonstrated his with a little - uh... explosive demonstration at a Netanya shopping centre.

Two Palestinian militant groups claimed responsibility for the attack, although only Islamic Jihad released the name of the bomber.

In a phone call to the Associated Press, Islamic Jihad identified the bomber as Lotfi Abu Saada, from the village of Illar between the West Bank towns of Tulkaram and Jenin.

This group declared that it reserved the right to retaliate for any perceived Israeli "violations" of a "ceasefire", such as the recent killing of a terrorist leader and an arrest of another. Obviously, these two gentlemen were about to get their people to demonstrate their gratitude to the Damjoos who live in the Eretz.

The grateful zealot, Abu Saada, was stopped at a mall checkpoint when he decided to show his love for the Damjoo people.

Of course, the Palestinians™ are always trying to go after military targets, or so their syncophants would love to have us ignorant heathen savages believe. But the Great Mufti's spirit, revered by the most passionate amongst the nationalists, declared that "Palestine is our land and the Jews our dogs". So such demonstrations are understandable.

(For those who are still clueless, check out this link.)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Recent Polls Indicate:
"Voters Still Addicted To Pork"

" Liberals still leading Conservatives, poll finds" - you gotta hand it to the Grits.

All those promises of pork in barrels must've paid off in spades, eh Paulyanna?

35% of Canadians would vote for you, while 30% would vote for the Man in the White Hat.

To all those people still voting Grit, ask yourselves these.

"A better strain of Pork?
Goody goody!"

Would you rather pay for the goodies now or later?

Would you rather have a leader who inspires rather than one who caters?

Do you believe in making reasonable sacrifices?

Are you not afraid of Americans?

Would you prefer to defend your country rather than have someone else do that for you?

Do you prefer to earn your entitlements rather than just simply be entitled to them?

Think about them. Then reconsider your choice.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

File Under "Newly Dead"...
Jessica Simpson Now Up For Grabs!

Jess and Whatshisface:
As real and true as a Liberal promise.
This is definitely old news - especially if you've been stuffing your face with tabloid media for the past few months. But it's worth a mention if only because I've been praying for the termination of that overglorified infomercial called "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica".

Everyone knows about it - has-been teen-pop wannabes Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson get hitched and started to consumate their unholy matrimony in front of all these cameras. Whether this stunt was meant to improve their sagging pop-star images or not, it exposed Nick as being a bit of a dick and Jessica as a bit of a ditz. Which is a bit like saying that Michael Moore is a bit of a liberal moonbat.

But now... the Newlyweds are "Newlydead"!

Of course... you have all those rumours about Nick having a serious problem keeping his thing in his pants in face of all temptation. But then again, if I were saddled with a blonde space-cadet with room-temperature IQ, I'd be on the hunt for better specimens myself.

But on the upside (or downside), Jess is up for grabs again. Potential handlers suitors should posses high intelligence, degrees in child psychology and psychiatry, must work well under intense stress and have assets in form of lion-taming, preschool education and Mafia strongarm tactics (to deal with in-laws). Physical and sexual endowments are also assets but shouldn't be seen as necessities.

As for Nick - who cares!

PS: for those still stunned by the news, a little "reality-check".

Your AdScam Dollars At Work.

Genius, eh?
"I am so smart...
The no-confidence vote didn't seem to faze the Martinites that much, especially since they came out of the gate running with a nice little political advert.

Quoting a series of recent news headlines, the 30-second television ad touts the accomplishments of Paul Martin's short-lived Liberal minority government.

From the 30-year record low unemployment rate set in October to Ottawa's $18-billion health-care deal with the premiers, the ad employs a simple style designed to evoke headlines torn from newspapers' front pages.

Eschewing voiceover in favour of a pulsating instrumental soundtrack, the ad cites the Edmonton Journal as it trumpets "Martin's tough stand on softwood starts to pay."

Then, presenting a quote from The Globe and Mail, the ad says "Every tax payer would see a benefit at tax time."

As the final headline flashes onto screen -- lauding Canada's "hot" housing market, "solid" economy and low interest rates -- a woman's voice announces: "There's nothing minor about the accomplishments of Paul Martin's minority government."

What it fails to mention is the fact that all these good things happened in spite of the minority government's efforts. Whatever the Grits gave, they did it as either as an afterthought or a pork-barrel obligation.

By Canadian law, all the parties have the opportunity to present their platforms in a timely manner. It will be very interesting when the Tories start firing their salvoes.

Will Aurora-Newmarket Handle Any More BS?

"I'll show that bitch Nicole Ritchie...
wait a minute. What am I again?"
According to the journos covering this fairly affluent riding, BS has her work cut out after defecting to Paulyanna's ship last spring.

When she was elected to the House of Commons in the last election, the constituents wanted a Tory to represent their best interests.

But BS, being the Paris Hilton of Canadian politics, preferred to see her name in the papers more than representing the riding, which includes the Ontarian cities of Aurora and Newmarket, plus other chunks of the York Regional Municipality.

"I may have changed political parties but I never changed the principles that I stand for," Stronach told CTV's Austin Delaney on Tuesday.

But that's not enough to satisfy some Conservatives who felt betrayed and are now out for revenge.

"What it brought back was the whole cynicism and disillusionment of the Canadian public about politicians," Conservative candidate Lois Brown said Tuesday while on the campaign trail.

Brown, who Stronach narrowly beat for the Tory nomination in the 2004 campaign, is ready to take on the millionaire and former Magna CEO. She began campaigning even before the writ was dropped.

But the calls for Stronach's downfall don't seem to be troubling the Liberal MP.

"First of all they've got to have a lot more than just 'Dump Belinda' on their platform," Stronach said.

Well, BS... they do. And in spades.

Take my advice: go back to auto parts. Leave the politics to real people.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Those Krazee X-tians:
"Christian Peacemakers" Blame US, UK, Damjooz...

Paulyanna: "What the fuck am I gonna do?
Save the hostages or win the election? MOMMY!"
For the past couple of days, 2 of my "fellow Canadians" have been taken hostage in Iraq by some shady, greasy "insirgent" group, along with a Brit and a Yank.

As soon as a video of their captivity was released via the "esteemed" media outlet al-Jazeera, the hostages' employer called "Christian Peacemaker Teams" have have placed the blame for their predicament on the ususal suspects.

We are angry because what has happened to our teammates is the result of the actions of the U.S. and U.K. governments due to the illegal attack on Iraq and the continuing occupation and oppression of its people. Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) has worked for the rights of Iraqi prisoners who have been illegally detained and abused by the U.S. government. We were the first people to publicly denounce the torture of Iraqi people at the hands of U.S. forces, long before the western media admitted what was happening at Abu Ghraib. We are some of the few internationals left in Iraq who are telling the truth about what is happening to the Iraqi people We hope that we can continue to do this work and we pray for the speedy release of our beloved teammates.

Translation: "It's all tha Damjooz's fault! They start the war and we get the shaft."

Even though the abductors called themselves "The Swords of Righteousness Brigade", there had been talk about them being nothing more than mecrcenary criminal thugs: Iraq hasn't yet reached the economic level of Kansas or PEI, and someone's gotta eat.

One must wonder what X-tian compassion and common sense are these so-called peacemakers espousing when they blame the "usual suspects" for something that they perceive to be far beyond their control. Their intentions in Iraq may be good, but in a country where X-tianity and Joodyism are considered heretical in the eyes of local Islamic clerics, blogosphere pundits suspect that they're being used as asphalt on the Highway to Hell.

The Peacemakers' history and credo can be found here. It's interesting to note that amongst their various programmes are projects along the US/Mexico border and "Palestine"™. Cindy al-Shaheeda and Michael al-Moor would be vewy proud.

And all this reminds me of a Clutch tune...

Like ravens on a scarecrow
Too old to beat them off
The guilt ferments
Familiarity breeds contempt
The yolk of faith splatters silent
Harvest time, red moon rising
Anvil cloud, lightning rod
Peacemaker, life taker
What's inside the silo?
- Clutch, "Wicker"

Let's hope that nobody lose their heads over this case.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why Is Mark David Chapman Still Alive After All These Years?

"John Lennon's killer marks 25 years of infamy"...

As much as I love the Beatles, and as much as I appreciated the members' solo efforts, I never agreed with John Lennon's politics.

I never agreed with his atheism, materialism, self-professed social activism, justified hypocricy and Yoko Ono.

Why is this man
still alive?
But these were no grounds for what Chapman did on a cold New York night December 6, 1980.

I was feeling a little run down that night and went to sleep listening to Q107. I woke up to "Blackbird", followed by the announcement that John Lennon was shot and killed by Chapman.

For me, this was one of many days that the Music died. While Paul McCartney provided the bouyancy, George Harrison the riffs and Ringo Starr the beats, John provided the soul, the darkness, the edge. Chapman took them all away.

Everytime I hear Lennon's "Feels Like Starting Over", a creepy feeling of irony would wash over me. Queen's "The Show Must Go On" may also be considered ironic when listened in context of Freddie Mercury's battle with AIDS, but that Lennon tune had marked me deeply, if only because that song exuded optimism, hope that after all the time spent away from life's mainstream that there would be a second chance, a renaissance, a redemption.

Chapman took all of them away.

And now he languishes in prison, secluded from gen pop because of what he did.

[...] Chapman developed an obsession with J.D. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye," the landmark novel that focuses on a disaffected youth, Holden Caulfield, during a trip to New York City.

Though previously a great fan of the Beatles, Chapman began attaching Caulfield's favorite slander — "phony" — to Lennon. He made that assessment after seeing photos of Lennon atop his exclusive Manhattan apartment building, the Dakota.

"At some point, after looking at those pictures, I became enraged at him and something in me just broke," Chapman would explain later. "I remember saying in my mind, `What if I killed him?'"

"I felt that perhaps my identity would be found in the killing of John Lennon."

In a perfect world, Mark David Chapman would've been executed - retribution being justice's final say. But when you look at the Hell that has replaced his life, it's understandable that he deserved something far worse than the ultimate punishment.

And to this day, that Lennon song still haunts me.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Liberals defeated, PM to call election Tuesday: it's about damn time!

Little Paulyanna's minority government, rife with indecision, arrogance, emasculation, opportunism and simple corruption, went down in a simple motion of no-confidence.

AdScam, the Belinda Stronach affair, dithering and Paulyanna's own immaturity caused all the parties in opposition to rise in arms against the 38th seesion of Parliament.

Of the major federal party leaders, the NDP's Jack Layton was the first to share his reaction with reporters.

In a scrum outside the House of Commons, the NDP Leader blamed the "stubbornness" and "inflexibility" of the Liberals for the election campaign set to begin Tuesday.

"People know the NDP can get results in Parliament… and we're proud of that record," he told reporters, calling the coming campaign "wide open".
Wise words from a man whose party's chances of forming the next government are slightly better than Hell freezing over.

Appearing upbeat in his own first public appearance following the historic vote, Prime Minister Paul Martin took the stage in front of a boisterous gathering of party faithful just moments later.

"Hey, we've got a campaign to run," he joked, struggling to quiet his caucus before adding another quip. "I just wanna say a few brief words to all before you head back to yor ridings to get fitted for snowshoes," Martin laughed.

Then, the Liberal leader adopted a more serious tone to laud his party.

"All of us have a lot to be proud of and I cannot tell you how proud I am of you," he said, adding that Canadians will now have the chance to judge each party's record for themselves.
Be careful what you wish for, Paulyanna: you might wind up getting it up the ass. All the pork that you promised everyone prior to the motion didn't save your opportunistic butt this time.

As Martin spoke, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was delivering his own confident caucus address.

"Set your sights not just on the next few weeks ... set your sights on the years ahead -- because our vision will look that far ahead," Harper said to cheers.

"Canadians need and they want and deserve a change. and to get that change we need a change in government ... A government that stands up for Canada -- a new Conservative government."
Now if we have a Conservative party whose leader has the right mix of charisma, pragmatism and backbone, Stephen, then we can vote you in.

But first and foremost, the Tories will have to work hard to regain our trust and our faith by not simply stating the facts, but by also doing a very effective propaganda campaign. Maybe by hiring some ex-KGB disinformation artists, you could reduce the Fibbing Libs' hold on the house to, let's say, 2 seats. Just like 1993.

But the lynchpins that are the keys to power in Canada are still Québec and Ontario. Without a doubt, the campaign to win the hearts, minds and souls of the electorates will make the Tet Offensive look like a teddy bears' picnic. Expect bloodshed, slander, rebuttals, facts, figures and huge bribes of pork for those who love and support the winning party the most.

And may the best man win.

Right, Stephen?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Don't Hate On Michelle Malkin Because She's A Conservative PINAY!

Why does a conservative person of colour get hated on while an Enemy from the same tribe is revered as a saint?

I just don't get it? Maybe it's the whole "terminal perpetual victim" complex that the Enemy promotes to the non-Anglo Saxons that the "progressive savage" is the only accptable minority.

This lovely lady shown on the right gets hated on by people who claim to know what's best for the masses. The New Jersey-based "One People's Project" - a group that I used to respect for its anti-racist and anti-fascist stand until recently - has her in its "Rogues Gallery". Korean-American "comic" and "activist" Margaret Cho has accused her of "race treason" - how Nuremburgish can you get? Hell, there's even a blog called "Malkin(s) Watch", as if this lady were a legion instead of a single, unitary person.

And if you Google this person along with an unsavoury epithet, you might get a little "lucky". After all, she is a "right-winger", right?

But conservatives don't pull punches and recall a time when everyone has to earn an entitlement and cannot claim victimhood to receive any special treatment. Michelle Malkin didn't pay for the priviledge to write whatever she damn well pleases: she writes whatever she damn well pleases. And she has the facts to back up her arguments.

So she did some "racial profiling" on some Japanese internees during WW ver 2.0, but that was in contect of an actual World War. And she is quite aware of the racial politics surrounding illegal immigration and false refugee claims. She's very much aware of the shitstorms caused by running against the tide of "progressivism", just like all good conservatives.

Which brings me to this article where she has to deal with a nosy interviewer (and other ignorant sloths)...

During one of countless book-related radio interviews this week, a liberal radio host insultingly asked me whether I write my own column. His question was prompted by vicious anonymous bloggers who portray me as a greedy Asian whore/dupe/brainwashing victim who simply parrots what my white slavemasters program into my empty little head. These critics have stepped up attacks on my husband Jesse as a fanatical right-wing puppeteer orchestrating all I do and say.

I assume these tinfoil-hat wearers also think I'm secretly wired during my TV and radio appearances, speeches, and debates-- you know, just like George Bush.
Obviously, those anonymous bloggers are probably the same ones who troll for celebrity pr0n and "luv ya' long time" AZN "sites".

You see, it's too easy to hate on a political opponent of colour - the North American political scene is (still) perceived to be a WASP-ish domain, and one side must have a fairly visible and recognisable enemy to vent its collective spleen onto. By rights, I should label Cho as a Kim Jong-Il agitprop strumpet and Howard Dean as a honkey psycho cracker. But these attacks will neither make things right nor win me any allies in my mission for World Domination. And Michelle Malkin has done the right thing by putting herself above the messy fray.

So, rather than hate-out on your fellow tribes-person or non-whitey on the other end of the political spectrum, you might as well do your homework on the issues that affect civilization.

And anyways, Michelle probably knows how to make better pansit and dinugguan than any of you sloths, anytime.

(Brought to you by a conservative Half-Flip who probably knows what goes into these dishes, but ain't tellin', that's all.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dissent vs. Desecration:
Grey Eagle And The Enemy

Courtesy of the Rott is this infuriating example of how some dissenters can go overboard and ruin the efforts of a servicewoman trying to honour her fallen comrades by executing a DOS attack.

(For the non-geeks: DOS is an acronym for "denial of service".)

Grey Eagle is the soldier sister in question and an author of a milblog detailing her experiences while on deployment. More on that later - she's on my "Roll Call" to your left. If it were anyone else, this incident would've been brushed off as an isolated incident - and even that would be just plain wrong in all meanings of the word.

The Rott's Web-Tsar, the Almighty Opinionated Orator Darth Misha, said...

Such classy little wastes of perfectly good protoplasm, our Lefty “Friends”, aren’t they?

Always bleating about freedom of speech, unless the speech in question happens to be speech with which they disagree, in which case they’ll happily do anything, including the commission of a felony (yes, you purulent prickwarts, hacking into private property is a felony. Never thought about that, did you? You may have plenty of time for doing just that some day in the future if you keep it up.), in order to make sure that anybody disagreeing with them is shut up.
As always, Misha has a way with words and seldom shows any mercy in dispensing them.

The problem is that in the name of dissent, there are certain people who are willing to inflict more damage to the innocent and their own cause by vandalising someone else's private property. Grey Eagle's milblog, like the Rott and Y-2-D, is private property. In spite of offering a point of view that not everyone is willing to accept, the milblog is not harming anyone. By executing a DOS, the Enemy has lowered itself to the level of the enemies against whom Grey Eagle is fighting.

Of course, the self-proclaimed "peace activists" can't do all that on their own, nor could they make a living off their "activism". During the Vietnam War, the Soviet KGB and GRU (military intelligence) had enough resources to fund the "activists" and provide disinformation. Amazingly, that kind of tactic worked - no weapons were used in defeating the US. Former Warsaw Pact spymaster Ion Mihai Pacepa wrote about this tactic in a National Review article...

KGB priority number one at that time was to damage American power, judgment, and credibility. One of its favorite tools was the fabrication of such evidence as photographs and "news reports" about invented American war atrocities. These tales were purveyed in KGB-operated magazines that would then flack them to reputable news organizations. Often enough, they would be picked up. News organizations are notoriously sloppy about verifying their sources. All in all, it was amazingly easy for Soviet-bloc spy organizations to fake many such reports and spread them around the free world.

[...] Many "Ban-the-Bomb" and anti-nuclear movements were KGB-funded operations, too. I can no longer look at a petition for world peace or other supposedly noble cause, particularly of the anti-American variety, without thinking to myself, "KGB."
I wouldn't be too surprised if the current batch of resistors have some extra "help" in their endeavours.

But back to Grey Eagle's site.

There's one section of her site that really touched me.

It was her tribute to the fallen servicewomen in the War On Terror.

It was pretty heartwrenching to see faces of women from all walks of life - students, mothers, daughters, sisters - women who made the supreme sacrifice to safeguard our freedoms and to help others attain the security that we North Americans take for granted too many times.

That alone is reason enough to respect a person's own cyberspace.

Nuff said. Out.

UPDATE (21:07 AST): I've underestimated the extent of Grey Eagle's pWn-ing...

Just to explain, as it seems to be a big question. When I add a new soldier to the tributes script/program it prints to the website "you have been hacked....Bush lied..." no matter what I type. So while it does not seem to have affected what I previously did, I cannot add anymore soldiers to my tribute. I can delete, but not add. But there have been many offers to fix or rebuild the website, which I hope to accept their offers and never have this happen again.
The Enemy shows neither mercy nor compassion: this female soldier deserves better. Support her.

A Rarity In Any Canadian Bookstore!
(or "Proof That There Is A G-d")

I was browsing around Smthbooks at Scotia Square when I decided to check out the political/current events section.

In amongst the politically "correct" and activist tomes, amongst the Chomskeys, the Moores and Naomi Kleins, there stood two of the most controversial titles by one of the most controversial conservative commentators, Ann Coulter.


I had a tough choice: would it be "Treason" or "How To Talk To A Liberal (I You Must)"? Should I enhance my anti-idiotarian credentials by buying either book or put it off until I get more money? Should I be content on reading rants online, or get something that doesn't require electricity and broadband connections?

In the end, I said "What the Hell?" and bought the latter book.

People on the side of the Enemy had made Ann to be the Wicked Bitch of the Western World, but nothing can be further from the truth, and the truth according to Ann hurts like Hell on a summer day. She doesn't advocate genocide, has a nice dry sense of humour, respects her enemies even if though she wants them roasting on a spit over the fires of reason and she has a lot of heart.

Not to mention the fact that she is kinda cute.

I wouldn't mind marrying a woman like that. If there's anyone like that in my neck of wood, I'd be happier and saner.

But this is Progressive Canada, the land where common-sense conservatives are an edangered species and moral and social relativism poison the wells of reason and resolve. Where socialised medicine is considered a national virtue and anyone with a pulse and a smile can be a Canadian and are entitled to rights whether they deserve it or not. And where polititians who rip off the public coffers to line their pockets sue to be entitled to their entitlements. (See "David Dingwall".) I just hope that the Great Undecided do the right thing come Election Time.

For carrying Ann Coulter... God love you, Smithbooks at Scotia Square!

How US College Campuses Get Radicalised.

Courtesy of ever wonder about the moobattery happening around the US (and similarily in the GWN)?

Check this very, very disturbing video and start thinking about the long arm of the Enemy.

Likewise, Frosh Week is always a blast.

NWS WARNING! An Incentive For Me To See The New Harry Potter Flick!

ohnotheydidnt: A Harry Potter Star is Naked.: the grrl who plays Fleur Delacour in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" set fires of a different kind in a film many years ago called "Bienvenue Chez les Rozes".

It's fairly understandable why there's been so many hits on the Livejournal: she's not that bad for a French witch.

You might say that she's more than willing to smoke up some Potter!

Enjoy, eh?

Monday, November 21, 2005

Debbie Schlussel Dares You To Drink - NOT!

Debbie Schlussel is part of my "Roll Call" to the left.

For a nice little Jewish girl who's not afraid to say that she's a (USA) conservative, one must wonder WTF she's doing with Holiday-themed drinks from the Jones Soda Company?

Stores around the country are pushing Jones Soda's "Holiday Pack." I tried it last week, and trust me, don't buy it. Save your $10 plus (for five bottles).

I like exotic flavors of pop (that's what we call "soda" here in Michigan), but this variety of "flavors" tastes terrible--every single flavor--even if it is 100% kosher and vegetarian.
Let's see: you have for your flavours - "Turkey and Gravy", "Brussels Sprouts", "Wild Herb Stuffing", "Cranberry" and "Pumpkin Pie".

Don't you just wanna run out and grab that "Holiday Pack" and enjoy a nice liquid supper, the Jones Soda way?

Ha... I don't think so. Neither would I.

Mercifully, the company has provided other flavours for the more discerning palate. (We Canucks have to put up with these available fizzy-pops. Not that all this would matter to me, eh?)

Even more mercifully, I doubt very much that the "HP" would make its way to my neck of wood.

Just a thought.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Song They Couldn't Kill Lives!

"Ma Ya Hii / Ma Ya Huu / Ma Ya Ho-o / Ma Ya Ha-Ha..."

This has got to be one of the most feel-good riffs of the summer of 05.

An obscure Romanian pop tune by an equally obscure Romanian boy-band turned into a monster hit thanks to the internet.

And now... for your viewing pleasure: a collection of "Numa Numa" videos, courtesy of Google Video.

Admit it: you love that, don't you?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Mickey and Mallory Revisited

"Teens sought in Pa. murders found in Indiana"

And now for a "Natural Born Killer" understatement...

A friend of the family, Stephanie Mannon, 16, told AP that (David G.) Ludwig and (kara Beth) Borden had been seeing each other secretly.

"Their parents didn't approve of them being together'' because of the age difference, she said. "It wasn't because he was a shady character, because he wasn't.''

Now take a good hard look at David's pic. I'd sure like to meet a real shady character, because this guy looks a bit like a psycho axe-murderer than an obsessed boyfriend.

Then again, Woody Harrelson sure looked good while courting Juliette Lewis in Oliver Stone's train-wreck of a mindfuck of a movie.

I wonder if there would be a Maury Povich Show episode about it soon....

Oh... Say It Ain't So.

"16 students charged in alleged assault of girl": now is that fucked-up or what.

Somewhere on this continent, worse shit happens. It's just that this case happened in - where else? - "the world's safest city that works, eh?"™

The girl, 15, attends James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic Secondary School in the Jane and Finch area of North York. She allegedly endured assaults and harassment for more than a year.

Last week, police charged a 15-year-old boy with sexual assault, criminal harassment, and forcible confinement. A 17-year-old was also charged with sexual assault, assault, forcible confinement, and failure to comply with probation.

On Monday, police laid charges against 14 more students, bring the total number of people charged in the case to 16.
Obviously, there's something very, very wrong with this picture.

Was there a conspiracy to defame this munchkin, or is this a case of a "train" gone horribly wrong?

And not a moment too soon...

This week the provincial government is unveiling a new anti-bullying program. It's designed to make schools safe, and will include a place at every Ontario school where students can go if they are being terrorized.
As someone who had endured quite a bit of bullying as a kid in the public "school" system, this should've been there a long time ago.

But, as we Canadians know... it can't happen here, eh?

Yeah. Right. Next...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Somewhere In This World,
Somebody Loves
"Venus Cures All"

What are the grrlz in "Venus Cures All" doing nowadays?

IMO, they were the prototypical grrl-rawwk band that started their noisemaking as "Chicken Milk".

They evolved into the band whose unique claims to fame included their bassist's appearance in a video by "Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet". (She was the maraccas soloist, FYI.)

Come to think of it, what are the guys in "Shadowy Men..." doing nowadays?

Hmmmm... Sally Lee....

"If ye break faith with us who die..."

On this Remembrance Day 2005...

Remember those who served before us.

Respect those who serve now.

Recognise the prosperity, peace and freedom brought on by service.

To my brothers and sisters, in far-away lands, on the seas and in the skies, I'm with you.

To those who have sacrificed in many ways, in conflicts past and present, and survived in body and/or spirit, I salute you.

As one who serves, I'll never neglect the past, dismiss the present nor deny the future, lest I imperil the people who I protect.

Remember. Respect. Recognise. That is all.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Separatist Miffed At Billie-Jean

"Heil Québec Libre!"

CANOE -- CNEWS - Canada: Andre Boisclair lashes out at Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean over coke joke

André Boisclair is a favourite for the leadership of the Parti Québecois.

Young. Ambitious. Gay.

And interestingly enough, like young W, a blowhead.

But let's face it... everyone is entitled to his/her own vice.

So why does our new Governor General, Billie-Jean, making light of this man's vice.

Jean referred to Boisclair in a speech she gave at the annual Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner on Oct. 22. In her speech, Jean cracked several jokes about Boisclair, including one that played on the dual meaning of the word coke, and saying that Boisclair always follows the party "line."

Don't get me wrong: the PQ's simple agenda is to separate Québec from Canada, thereby setting the Maritimes adrift. These idealistic nouveau-hippie agitators have been going at it since the 60s, and the "sovereigntist" issue has a hard time dying in la belle province.

Generally, such parties promoting disruption of national unity should be banned.

But low blows such as this lame yéyo joke will only hasten the worst.

Speaking prior to a debate between PQ leadership hopefuls on Wednesday, Boisclair said he was shocked at Jean's behaviour before the 600 invited guests, including Prime Minister Paul Martin.

"The images speak for themselves and everyone who saw those images understand that they're out of place," Boisclair said.

"Mrs. Jean was not participating in a private event. Mrs. Jean was participating in a public event, televised, taped."
I don't blame Comrade Dré for throwing such a hissy fit, but for X-sakes, you'd never see W pulling such a stunt, eh?

Then again, Billie-Jean, handpicked by Paulyanna and a controversy in her own right, should've taken this snow-job offline.

After all, the Péquistas are more than a bunch of flakes.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Short Cuts:
Kill Saddamn, Damnit; Those Damn Albertans; Liberals Can SMBFMFD; Iran Luvz Da Damjooz; And A Whole Lotta Luvvin...

Weekends are usually made for taking it easy. But as usual, the world hardly stops, and the past few weeks have been insane-crazy-fugazi for Yours Trooly.

So allow me to make some short rants...

  1. Saddam Hussein is currently in front of the judge, pleading his case and buying so much time it would make OJ Simpson look like a slacker. Too bad Johnnie Cochrane is no longer around to defend his sorry hide. Even worse, the Toronto Sun's Peter Worthington would like to see his head on a platter.
    And so he goes...

    The trial is the easiest case to prosecute -- the deliberate, calculated murder of more than 140 people in the Shia village of Dujail in 1982, in response to a botched assassination attempt against the visiting Saddam.
    The village was bulldozed into the ground, and kinfolk of those murdered imprisoned and hounded for years.
    What should happen (but won't) is that if Saddam is found guilty (almost a certainty) he should be sentenced to death and executed forthwith.
    Not a nice thing to say. But even if the court showed some mercy, there are millions of his fellow Iraqis who would like to do unto him what mercenary minutemen bandit-insurgent terrorists have been doing unto unfortunate foreign infidel-devil hostages in the past, only with duller, rustier butter knives.
    So let Amnesty International complain about this poor wretch's predicament; they should've realised that he, and nobody else, has brought this onto himself.

  2. Remember the $40,000,000 (Cdn.) Lotto 6/49 jackpot?
    Somebody won it.
    In Alberta.
    You know... Canada's richest province at the moment.
    And when those fateful numbers were drawn, because almost every human being living in the Dominion bought scores of tickets, the pot ballooned to a honkin' huge $54,294,724 (Cdn.) / $46,115,371.34 (US) / 38,265,051.85€.
    As for that "somebody", it turned out to be a lottery pool of 17 employees at a plant in Sedgewick. Each member got $3.17 million for a small quick-pick investment.
    Tax-free, by the way.
    So I'd like to congratulate these lucky prairie rats on the winfall.
    Don't spend it all in one shot, eh?

  3. God - those damn libertine Liberals that keep getting re-elected every time are getting on my nerves.
    They neglected our miltary, softened our criminal justice system to the point where prisoners live in better luxury than some of the victims (that, and the right to vote, too), spending money wherever and whenever they can not so much as to improve the quality of Canadian life but to buy more votes, supporting outright moonbatty causes, ignoring terrorist threats pre- and post-9/11...
    But the sorest of sore spots - aside from the major cock-up leading to the 1970 October Crisis, but let's not get ahead of ourselves - is still the Québec Sponsorship Scandal, a.k.a. AdScam. Prime Time Crime has a collection of timelines, facts, rants and articles of the pork-barrelling and money-laundering that was going on in the guise of promoting Canadian unity in pas exactement belle province.
    Sadly, if it weren't for the smug, ignorant, imbecilic complacency of then-Prime Minister Jean Chrétien during the 1995 Québec Referendum, we wouldn't be in such a predicament now, would we, eh? (See also the CBC rundown of the event.)
    And now the self-proclaimed saviours of Canadian unity are facing new problems that have arised from the Gomery Inquiry and the scandal that has spawned it in the form of a resurgent Québec sovreignty debate. The following editorial in the Toronto Sun puts this situation in perspective...
    ...10 years ago the "No" side defeated the "Yes" side by a margin of 50.6% to 49.4%. Meanwhile, a Strategic Counsel poll released last week showed if the same question was asked in Quebec today, 48% would vote "Yes" compared to 47% voting "No," with 5% undecided.
    So how can the Liberals possibly claim to be the only party that can keep Canada united, when it's their own actions that keep tearing us apart?
    Sadly, the Liberal legacy of being everything to everyone everytime is starting to bite the party in the collective crotch. Sadly, all the other parties in Canada might fall into the same backscratch trap were they in positions to govern. A sad state of affairs when you're in a parliamentary nation.
    And, alas, when you have a party that has influenced the country and its people for the latter part of the 20th century and the first few years of this one, people will still re-elect the Liberals mainly because although the opposition leaders have massive cases against the monolith, they are bereft of fire and inspiration. And the electorate that are weaned on the milk of Grit largesse will need more than polite rhetoric to sway their votes the other way.
    Lotsa luck in the next Federal Election.

  4. Iran... land of rugs, Sheherazade, oil and caviar.
    And mullahs by the truckload.

    And the normally classy and world-savvy Iranis know better than to let a bunch of theocratic bozos ruin their fun, especially since now their doing a little bit of experimentation on a version of the "big-bang theory" - big-news in the Conservative blogsphere, but old hat to those in the know.
    And now their fundamentalist funda-mental-case president has decided to give props to the Israelis for being... well, Israelis.
    It went like this...
    We must see what the real story of Palestine is. Is the conflict in Palestine a war between some Jews on the one side and Muslims and non-Jews on the other side? Is it a war between the Jews and other faiths? Is it the war of one country with other countries? Is it the war of one country with the Arab world? Is the conflict only over the limited lands of Palestine? I think the answer to all these questions is negative.
    The creation of the regime occupying Al-Qods (Jerusalem) was a heavy move by the globally dominant system and Global Arrogance against the Islamic world. There is a historic battle going on between the Oppressor World and the Islamic world and the roots of this conflict goes back hundreds of years.
    [...] The occupying state (Israel) is the bridgehead of the Oppressor World in the heart of the Islamic world. They have built a base to expand their domination to the entire Islamic world. There is no other raison d’etre for this entity without this objective.
    [...] Our dear Imam (the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini - Y2D) ordered that the occupying regime in Al-Qods be wiped off the face of the earth. This was a very wise statement. The issue of Palestine is not one on which we could make a piecemeal compromise… This would mean our defeat. Anyone who would recognize this state [Israel] has put his signature under the defeat of the Islamic world.
    In his struggle against the World Arrogance, our dear Imam targeted the central and command base of the enemy, namely the occupying regime in Al-Qods. I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in dear Palestine and which we witness today all over the Islamic world will soon wipe this scourge of shame from the Islamic world. This can be done.
    Translation: Israel=Evil; Palestine™=Good
    So all those nice little things that the Palestinian© shaheeds® are doing, such as blowing up taverns, shopping centres and dinners, will further the cause of the umma. That's nice. I'm quite sure that Michael Moore will do a movie about this "noble" cause and get another Oscar nomination for his trouble.
    Fact of the matter is, this prez doesn't like the Damjooz too much.
    Naturally, the self-proclaimed "civilized" world, including Canada, condemned this nutcase and his slander.
    Matters are made a little more difficult with a launch of yet another "I hate Israel because it's not real" site. So far, most of it is in Farsi, but despite it's political smokescreen, it's still another "I hate the Heebz jus' because" site.
    Methinks that the Mossad has another job to do, just because the Yanks are too damn busy trying to negotiate.

  5. Dream Death Matches...
    Killers vs. Franz Ferdinand vs. Hot Hot Heat (any of these groups can save rock 'n roll, but which one of them will live to be on the cover of Tiger Beat?)
    Hillary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan (special hot oil match - with real hot petroleum!)
    Coheed & Cambria vs. Rush (no contest - Neil Peart can handle these noisy Joisey wannabes)
    The Veronicas vs. Tegan and Sarah vs. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (my money's on T 'n S 'cause they're Canadians, but the Vs have the slickness)
    The New York Dolls vs. Good Charlotte (there can be only one Dolls!)
    Jason Statham vs. Tom Cruise (Jason is the new King of Kool, maan)
    Michael Moore vs. Jabba the Hutt (nobody steals Jabba's shit and lives, dude)
    Slipknot vs. Coq Roq (although the Roq's lyrics sound real - uh, Kawwk Rawwk, eh?)

  6. File under "criminally ignored by the mainstream".
    If you don't have a true copy of "Robot Hive / Exodus" by Maryland rawwkerz Clutch, you should feel ashamed of yourself.
    Mainly because you're denying yourself a taste of some of the finest hard rawwk this side of Deep Purple.
    From the opening track, "The Incomparable Mr. Flannery" to the blues covers that close out the collection, Neil Fallon and the boyz burn the house down, roof and all.
    And with the addition of a keyboardist in the lineup, Clutch's sound has gotten itself a meaty sound that will stick with you for a long time. It's leadoff "single", "Burning Beard", will not get out of your head. Neither will Neil's voice.
    So what are you waiting for? Buy the damn disk.

  7. The Superjesus... MIA?
    One of my favourite "underrated and mainstream-ignored" bands from Australia has vanished into thin air.
    Their last known address in cy-space was
    So can anyone tell me what happened? Much appreciated, eh?

Well... that's it. I'm off to bed.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Paulyanna's Makeover

"Condoleeza Rice is nice, but I prefer a-Roni..." - Clutch, "The Mob Goes Wild"

14,000,000 To 1 For
$40,000,000 (Cdn), Tax Free

$40,000,000. Canadian.

That's about $34,305,138.73 US for some. 28,387,922.17€. £19,272,827.66. ¥3,969,352,122.79. $45,359,180.95 Aus. 1,466,962,803.43 Afghanis. 50,405,811,164.41 Iraqi Dinars. 158,189,898.61 Israeli New Shekels. 976,771,116.07 Rubles. 72,683.027 oz. of Gold. 36,407.768 oz. of Platinum. 4,401,303.74 oz. of Silver.

(All results courtesy of "The Universal Currency Converter.")

All tax free. Courtesy of Lotto 6/49.

Only available in Canada, which is a shame to those who don't live there.

But can you imagine the odds of winning tonight's jackpot? Think about it.

The odds of winning this jackpot is 14,000,000 to 1. You stand a much better chance of the following (not to be taken too seriously, eh?)...

  • Odds of getting away with murder: 2 to 1;

  • Odds that a celebrity marriage will last a lifetime: 3 to 1;

  • Odds of being the victim of serious crime in your lifetime: 20 to 1;

  • Odds of being killed sometime in the next year in any sort of transportation accident: 77 to 1;

  • Odds of being on plane with a drunken pilot: 117 to 1;

  • Odds of being audited by the IRS: 175 to 1;

  • Odds of having your identity stolen: 200 to 1;

  • Odds of writing a New York Times best seller: 220 to 1;

  • Odds of fatally slipping in bath or shower: 2,232 to 1;

  • Odds of being considered possessed by Satan: 7,000 to 1;

  • Odds of winning an Academy Award: 11,500 to 1;

  • Odds of being murdered: 18,000 to 1;

  • Odds of dating a supermodel: 88,000 to 1;

  • Chance of dying in a terrorist attack while visiting a foreign country: 650,000 to 1;

  • Odds of being killed by lightning: 2,320,000 to 1; and

  • Odds of becoming President of the USA: 10,000,000 to 1.
As you can see, you're more likely to encounter these incidents rather than pick 5, 11, 20, 30, 37 and 43 (bonus - 31) and win the pot.

But I can tell you this - imagine if no-one had these numbers from tonight. How big will it be, then?

All the best, if you dare.