Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy 2005! And now this...

  1. New Year's Eve 2004-05 at Mizner Park, Boca Raton: forget Times Square, forget drunk-as-fuck blowouts at Lee's Palace or the Palace or at Legends Niteclub - I've managed to spend a total of U.S.$120 to see and experiece some fine blues and booze over at Boca Raton's fave hangout for the Rich©. Even though I manage to get a reserve seat wayyy at the back of the Park's ampitheatre, I scammed my way to the front with the help of a member of the South Florida Blues Society, just in time to see the legendary B.B. King bring it all home. That was the best money ever spent, although the drinks could be a bit cheaper!

  2. South Asian Tsunami Holocaust: every day, the toll rises after waves virtually wiped out coastlines and islands. No words could describe the horrors inflicted when Mother Nature went on a PMS rampage. I'll be posting tons of links related to missing relatives as soon as I head back to T-dot.

  3. And now I'm off to Hollywood Beach to check out the Orange Bowl Beach Party. Should be a hoot and a half if I could get in!

And so... there you go.

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