Monday, December 27, 2004

From (somewhat) sunny Boca Raton, FL...

I wish you all a very Happy Holi-DRAY season, and all the best for 2005.

Not only that, but for all you kids left behind in the deep freeze of the Great Canadian Winter of 2004-2005, I sincerely wish that you were all here. Seriously. Like... I really mean it, man!

Actually... I had to endure 26-hours+ on the road between Halifax and Toronto, not counting the 3 hours on a snow-and-ice clogged portion of the 401 outside of Scarb-eristan, interrogation by homeland security about my intents in FL, and a slightly cramped flight to FLL.

And what do I get for my trouble: relatively crap weather. But at least it ain't snowing.

I'll be back in T-dot 5 Jan 2005... back in Halifax on 9 Jan 2005. For the time being, don't expect too much rantage from me, since access to a computer is at a serious slim premium. In fact, I'm posting this on an Apple notebook at the Apple Store at Town Center Mall in Boca. Not a bad piece of machinery, this PowerBook G4 with an AirPort Extreme interface, even though I consider Apple products to be nothing more than glorified toys, but that's my opinion.

Anyways... until I come up with something interesting, keep a clean body, a dirty mind, stay tuned and have fun.

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