Monday, December 06, 2004

More examples of fucked-up kids these days...

Is it just me, or does each generation have a portion that goes down the toilet?

Is there anything Darwinian about this trend of some kids doing heinous stuff to each other?

If not, here are some examples:

  • Exhibit A: "Boy died defending girl: 'He was my hero and my best friend,' mom says"

    So what were these young punk-ass swinging-dicks thinking when they knifed 16-year-old Drew Stewart, who was defending his pregnant friend?

    Were these fuckoes trying to be tough and build a little street cred so they could join a bigger, more organised gang as soon as they leave juvie? Have they been watching too many episodes of "The Sopranos" and "Oz" and trying to learn so much about being made men and prison enforcers selling "tits" to the Gen Pop? Are they really that stupid to believe this made-up shit, no matter how realistic these shows look? Jesus Fuck.

    The 16-year-old was pronounced dead at St. Michael's hospital after being stabbed outside a Coxwell Ave. restaurant, south of O'Connor Dr., around 1:30 p.m. Friday.
    To the best of my memory, that area is hardly the place to bring your kids, let alone bring one's self at night.

    Drew, who celebrated his birthday last month, was a popular kid who enjoyed all sports, but especially liked playing basketball.

    His mom said she will miss watching his games with the high school basketball team, and watching him play in the backyard with his friends.

    He also played at the local community centre, where last year he was knocked unconscious defending a 12-year-old who was being beaten up, she said.

    "He felt he had to do something," said his mom.

    To quote an old Ferengi Proverb: no good deed ever goes unpunished.

    Here's hoping that the good deed commited on Drew gets it's just desserts.

  • Exhibit B: a Strathroy, ON area teen took his own life after having to endure a long period of bullying.

    He learned how to end it all from the same place where he took his lumps. From the internet.

    Maria Melo said a family audit of her son's computer showed he had visited Internet sites containing information about how to commit suicide.
    So where do we point the finger? At the internet, or the perpetrators?

  • Exhibit C: summing up all this clusterfuck is my favourite X-tian bald dude, Michael Coren, who just stumbled upon a nice little controversy involving an Athens, Georgia teacher and his interpretation of his school's time of reflection.

    As a small frame of reference... when I was growing up, my school started off its day with "Oh Canada" followed by the Lord's Prayer. To me, these two seemed integral and inclusive: we were all Canadians and bound together by the Judaeo/X-tian moral structures upon which the country was founded.

    But because of radical political correctness, the Lord's Prayer was gradually excised and was replaced by a moment's silence when I got into high school. I suspect that some of my peers were either reciting the Prayer, invoking a Kiddush, prostrating towards Mecca or reciting anything from the Grateful Dead or the "Satanic Bible". Maybe my generation didn't turn out so bad after all, but as usual, I may be wrong.

    Anyways, the teacher, Tommy Craft, recited something called "The New School Prayer". A story of it could be found here, courtesy of urban-legend-mongers Coren, a wily, witty ol' bugger himself, added a few more stanzas in the spirit of the "prayer", but then concludes with something else that you, the reader, will have to find out.

Thank God, I'm an adult. Say a prayer for the kids.

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