Thursday, December 09, 2004

Standing on guard for thee costs money! DOYY!

Tell us something that we don't know about.

A Canadian Senate report stated some shortfalls in our post 9/11 security apparatus.

Translation - as hard as we try to protect the country from the evil Whatsisname, Chummy and the ever menacing Whatever, we couldn't do it any better without manpower and money.

Like... DUH!

The fact that Canada hasn’t suffered a terrorist attack after 9-11 is largely luck, not good planning and preparedness, says a Senate report.

Of course, many people believe that because we are such a peaceful, progressive nation that didn't get behind W when he launched his attack on Iraq, nobody would touch us. Right?

“When it comes to national security and defence — issues that are not part of the everyday lives of most Canadians — the vast majority of citizens trust in luck,” the national security and defence committee said Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, luck is notoriously untrustworthy.”

The report touched on various aspects of national security that needed improvement, and there were many examples that pointed out that the Government was not doing enough to enhance and expand on various initiatives. Case in point: the security on the Great Lakes is virtually non-existent. Any determined criminal/terrorist mastermind could create a virtual pipeline between Ontario and New York without detection.

Of course, one could also point out the illegal cigarette and booze smuggling operations carried out in the Thousand Islands area around Kingston. The Ontario Provincial Police had a very fun time trying to enforce the law in the area, yet those wily smugglers still find a way to ply their clandestine trade, and as long as smokes and booze continue to get taxed higher, there will always be a demand for the contraband.

Even more disturbing is the following revelation...

The committee was particularly concerned with issues like passes for airport workers, which Kenny said are easily forged, and port security, where police in places like Montreal might attend a domestic dispute in the morning, a shoplifting incident at noon and port matters in the afternoon.

In Halifax, seven police officers are assigned to full-time port security, he said — not nearly enough.

“The problem at seaports is huge,” said Kenny, adding that the situation at U.S. ports is no better. “We have no adequate policing at seaports.”

Kenny cited efforts at the much larger seaport of Rotterdam in Holland, which has more than 280 police “working on the port and only on the port.

“The model of Rotterdam is the right one; the models we are using here in Canada are not.”

Not to mention the shortfalls in airport security: we already have 2 incidents where bombs were loaded onto jets here in Canada.

So what will the masters do about this?

My gut feeling is that they will probably get better astrologers. After all, we are a peaceful, progressive nation. Right?

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