Wednesday, December 15, 2004

More sick-fuck kids killing each other, fuck!

What the fuck is wrong back in Upper Canada?

Is it in the water? The junk food? The air?

Why does this have to happen?

Two years ago, Orangeville, ON 16-yr-old Robbie McLennan made friends with another teen and started hanging out. That was the first mistake.

Then the two met a couple of drifters from Scarborough and started hanging out with them. That was the second mistake.

Eventually, they decided to have a party in the woods. One of the drifters, a 20-yr-old man, got sick from the booze and puked. Robbie laughed.

That was the last mistake.

The court heard that the 20-year-old charged Robbie, kicking him and punching him. He then forced Robbie to perform fellatio on him, court documents say.
But that ain't all.

He was raped, and then raped with a stick, forced to watch others have intercourse, burned at least five times with cigarettes, urinated on in his mouth, held down and kicked again and again, kicked so hard he had a boot imprint on his head, stoned with 10-kilo rocks, and then left for dead ... with more than 40 distinct injuries.
Bear in mind that this took place over the course of 3 hours, a little bit longer than Mr. Blonde's cop torture routine in "Reservoir Dogs". Three suspects, the "friend", the 20-yr-old and his 16-yr-old girlfriend, were shortly arrested

Now the "friend" has pleaded guilty to second degree murder and will be sentenced in February, 2005. Under Canada's now-repealed "Young Offenders Act" his identity has been protected: this poor little muffin can't be exposed to the prying eyes of a concerned community.

Yes... those poor little muffins who realised that if they were to commit some heinous crime, the most that they could get was 3 years in juvie hall. THREE MOTHERFUCKING YEARS, FOR FUCK SAKES!

Now mull on this - do you think that any adult who commited crimes could be that stupid to immediately plead "guilty" in front of judge and jury? OF COURSE NOT! That fucker would cry "frameup" or "mistaken identity" then concoct an alibi or 2.

Not this poor little baby baby-killer. He settled for a quick "guilty" plea. Under the old system, he would do the 3 years, then get out "cured", "rehabilitated", "remorseful".

Of course, he may also have satisfied his jones of taking another person's life.

So much for "a life for a life".

If you're a kid under 18 living in Canada, it may be "a life = 3 years".

Of course, all this may change: the new "Youth Criminal Justice Act" mind wind up closing some distateful loopholes, meaning that young persons under 18 may be charged with adult crimes in some cases and may receive adult sentencing.

Of course, there may be some exceptions. For youth sentencing, first-degree (pre-meditated / capital) murder could cost up to 10 years while second-degree (non pre-meditated / non-capital) murder would net the offender 7 years. Both crimes would come with extra penalties after time has been served.

However, a youngster may face adult sentences for certain crimes deemed "presumptive", meaning...

a) an offence committed, or alleged to have been committed, by a young person who has attained the age of fourteen years, or, in a province where the lieutenant governor in council has fixed an age greater than fourteen years under section 61, the age so fixed, under one of the following provisions of the Criminal Code:

(i) section 231 or 235 (first degree murder or second degree murder within the meaning of section 231),

(ii) section 239 (attempt to commit murder),

(iii) section 232, 234 or 236 (manslaughter), or

(iv) section 273 (aggravated sexual assault); or

(b) a serious violent offence for which an adult is liable to imprisonment for a term of more than two years committed, or alleged to have been committed, by a young person after the coming into force of section 62 (adult sentence) and after the young person has attained the age of fourteen years, or, in a province where the lieutenant governor in council has fixed an age greater than fourteen years under section 61, the age so fixed, if at the time of the commission or alleged commission of the offence at least two judicial determinations have been made under subsection 42(9), at different proceedings, that the young person has committed a serious violent offence.

There's a whole lot of stuff in the new act, all written in a language known only to those who practice the arcane science of "law". And if you think it may be confusing and unworkable in practice, well NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! It definitely is.

Which is why everything about "young offenders" and "youth criminal justice" should be tossed out, torn up, burned to ashes then flushed down the toilet, because WE LOVE OUR KIDS and we DON'T WANT TO SEE ANYONE HURT.

Just keep it fucking simple. You do the crime: you do the time. And fuck anyone else who believe otherwise.

And for all you civil liberties nutcases: have a look around you, get off the fucking E and start living in the real world, because this generation of young teen thugs may be a lot smarter (and tougher) than you think.

Stop blaming just the parents and the schools for the lack of control: blame our PLUR-ific politicians who have no clue about modern crime.

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