Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Dumb fuck: see YOUNG BUCK

Last month's Vibe Awards was intended to be a celebration of urban hip-hop cultcha.

But, given the genre's reputation for pissy, petty infightin' and frontin', the celebration became a confrontation when some muthafucka tried to bust a move on Dr. Dre's face when he received a lifetime achievement award.

The result was hot heads frontin' and shit. And you know what happens when muthafuckas start frontin'... they start bitch-slappin' each other.

Which led to this bum note by G-Unit home Young Buck:

The rapper, whose given name is David Darnell Brown, was accused in a complaint of stabbing Jimmy James Johnson in retaliation after Johnson allegedly punched Brown's mentor, Dr. Dre, during the taping of the show Nov. 15.

Now, why did that bitch-ass sucka tried to put the smackdown on Dre? Some people say that Suge Knight had it in big-time for the Dr. and that he probably hire some goon to give him some upside-the-head action to make an example.

As I've said before, the genre is infamous for petty infighting. And David's actions doesn't make things any better.

Fuck what the Source said about hip-hop being ruined by Eminem... the immature antics of some of the performers - and thank God that they're all so few and far in between - make the genre no more than an urban "minstrel show", with all the ghetto booty thrown in for good measure. Almost every hip-hop video shown on MTV. Much and BET feature the same tired shit of ghetto boasting, Blaxploitation fantasies and of course, ghetto booty.

And it's a shame that ather artists like Black-Eyed Peas, KRS-One, Public Enemy and K-os are being shunted aside in favour of the more "telegenic" "Gangsta" rappers. Talk about style smacking-down substance. And you thought that Eminem was a factor - remember 3rd Bass, House of Pain or even Cypress Hill? And these ain't no garden variety whiggas either - they held their own by doing what they did best: rhyming to the beat and keeping the groove.

I think it was Chuck D. from Public Enemy who claimed that rap was the Black Man's CNN (I may be wrong but this is my blog, muthafucka...), but I digress - beat poetry, blues, early r'n'b transmitted the same social and political concepts way before someone started messing up the turntables. Sadly, hip-hop is becoming more Springer than Larry King. And that's a shame.

If only the playas would just grow the fuck up and stick to the music.

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