Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Wrong really HATES YOU.

This is something that I posted on the Rottweiler site. I believe it deserves a rightful spot on my blog...

Let me add something a little irrational about the Wrong, a.k.a. the "Left".

People who belong to the Wrong hate the following:

a) the world - imagine: all the injustices, all the holocausts, all the 9/11s are caused by high-order primates who believe that every bright shiny thing would make life a little better. The Wrong hate the world for it's bridges, buildings, roads, transportation, sanitation, prosperity, because in their own minds, they pollute Mother Earth.

Yet, they also hate...

b) the planet - animals killing each other for food, earthquakes, blizzards, dirt everywhere, tsunamis galore: as much as the Wrong believe in saving the planet by protesting against any kind of electricity plant built on their watch, any kind of hunt which might benefit one species because of overpopulation, or any landfill site that eventually turn into greenspace as soon as it gets full, they couldn't stand living out in the wild without benefit of all the products made as a result of our responsible exploitation of resources.

As a result, they hate...

c) humanity - PETA hounds humans irrationally for eating meat, wearing animal-derived clothing, testing on animals and using animals as milk providers, entertainers and companions.

I can understand the food part - it does involve killing and we all know that killing isn't cool. The same with clothes, although no sheep that I know of ever died as a result of shearing. Testing on animals - well, they don't talk, complain or offer recommendations to manufacturers on how to improve on their product.

But PETA, in their infinite, enlightened wisdom, wants to force their beliefs onto all those who partake in animal-derived products. Why? Maybe because a) those animals are too cute to be used; b) they're probably zoophiliacs (look it up, eh?); c) they think all plants hold the cure; or d) because we are on top of the food chain (unless we're lost in the woods or out at sea - then we're probably a close second to bears, wolves, sharks, orcae...)

And we humans are so damn imperfect - fighting wars over skin colour, politics, religion, language, land, resources or some other stupid-ass shit like "pride" or "honour". Ironically, the Wrong have proven to be just as human as the others, taking sides in such nonsensical conflicts such as Arab vs. Jew in the Mid-East. If they care so much about equal rights, why did they side with the Arab? Why couldn't they be impartial? Maybe because they hate...

d) reason - humans reason, humans err, therefore reason can be wrong, especially for the Wrong.

They get so wrapped up in their own paranoid paradigms that they wind up with a completely blinkered view of the world. In an increasingly "cut/copy/paste" mediaspace, the Wrong could edit out all the unpleasant aspects of a balnced report to create a pleasant, warm, soothing literary opiate for the masses. If the truth were to be unbearable, it would either be excised or modified to co-exist in the dreamscape, while sweet, deluded lies either get augmented and glorified or left well enough alone to complete the picture.

If the truth proves to be a little too big to handle, the Wrong would retreat, not because they've been proven wrong, but because they have to manufacture a rebuttal to counter it. As much as they loathe the truth, they truly loathe...

e) themselves - ever wonder why Michael Moore acts this way. Maybe he was taunted so much as a kid. Maybe he was ostracised for being too fat and talkative. Any other poor kid would've stood up and overcome his insecurity. Not Michael - he would take it out on the world, regardless of whether he's right or wrong.

Maybe the Wrong has some serious self-opinion issues that were never resolved during childhood, which festered until it became a cancer of self-loathing and arrogant defenciveness. Deep down inside, those misbegotten denizens would want to bid adieu to a cruel, heartless, carniverous, vivisectionist, unfair and flawed world and do themselves in.

But remember what I said before: killing isn't cool, so in addition to hating themselves, they hate...

f) you - you of the opposing opinion; you of the other side of the coin; you of free thought. Certain desparate people have this dire need of more people to commiserate with. Failing that, they would go on destroying others so that they won't feel alone in the world. If the Wrong desire to do themselves away in an orgy of Jonestown, Guyana proportions, they would prefer to either take some of you with them or meet up with the enemy that they have embraced, hold a flower out as a peace offering, then get blown to a million pieces, their PLUR*-ious notions of peace, love and understanding finally fulfilled in a rose-coloured shower of blood, bone and sinew.

Of course, not all Leftists are stupid, gullible, self-hating and suicidal. George Orwell, author of "Animal Farm" and "1984", was one. Many Leftists have influenced North-American democracy, labour practices and productivity. And don't forget - love 'em or hate 'em - the Soviets did help us win against Hitler and his filthy little minions.

But it's those big-L Leftists and Liberals and big-P Progressives that are screwing themselves over. We North-Americans have progressed so much with market-driven capitalism and are willing to share the secrets with the rest of the enlightened world, yet the Wrong has found itself left out of the picture, hence this very asinine conflict.

So to all the Moonbats out there, you have a choice: agree to disagree, convince that we're wrong, admit that you're wrong, or put a bullet in your heads.

I hope that you'd stick to the first three options.

If you decide on option four, please don't shoot us first.

P.S. - PLUR is a Raver's term meaning "Peace, Love, Unity and Respect", especially amongst other Ravers. Sadly, as more of these "Candy Kids" either grow up or burn out from all the drugs and partying, and unless the World decides to stop disintegrating into sheer pettiness, the whole term is bound to get more moot than ever.

And anyways - PLUR is not a real word, and I've gotten over that shit a long time ago.

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