Saturday, December 18, 2004


When I was a kid. I believed in Santa Claus.

I also believed that if I were bad, God would send me to Hell.

Over the years, I bacame sceptical of their existences. While I still consider God as the ultimate, singular Great Unknown, Santa Claus was seen as a big, hulking, bearded marketing stragegy in my eyes.

But this year, a miracle happened.

Vince Carter got traded to the New Jersey Nets.

Yes! There is a God!

In return, the Raptors go themselves a whole shitload of players and options along with veteran Alonzo Mourning.

Yes, Virginia - there really is a Santa Claus!

I've always said that given this team's "fuck-it" attitude, they didn't deserve Carter.

And given Carter's often babyish attitude, he didn't deserve to be in this team any longer.

And now the painful process of rebuilding and retooling the Raptors shall begin. I bet that all these players shall have no choice but to play as a team and not like a catfighting group of supermodels.

Either they get it together, or we Torontonians everywhere will have to look elsewhere for our sports entertainment.

Like hockey.

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