Thursday, May 19, 2005

Darth Paul? Maul Stanley?

2 facts to ponder:
  1. "Revenge of the Liberals Sith" is opening today.
    Personally, I'll take a rain-cheque for Tuesday night.
    Since Belinda Stronach has gone over to the Dark Side Liberals, one would think that evil forces are at work.
    I suspect that Little Paulyanna is actually a Sith Lord.
    All Hail... DARTH PAUL!(Cue Evil Empire theme.)
    Thanks, Brad.

  2. Speaking of Sithyness, one would assume that Darth Maul would remain the coolest character in the Star Wars universe, right.
    Sadly, he was killed off in "The Phantom Menace", thus depriving any discerning fan of any further double-ended light-sabre action.
    But one fan decided to take the initiative and combine 2 malevolant forces in the Universe - Sith and KISS, and become the ultimate Sith Lord, MAUL STANLEY.
    Of course, if it weren't for his imagination and audacity, "Maul" would still be another hyperactive Star Wars geek. But he has managed to rub shoulders and other body parts with members of the Heavy Metal elite, so all's well in the Universe.
    Now, bring on DARTH BROOKS!
Enjoy your Thursday!

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