Friday, May 20, 2005

Revenge of the Sith Liberals - They Live!

Little Darth Paulyanna and his fellow Sith Apprentices survived another no-confidence motion, 2 days after seducing Belinda Skywalker to the Dark Side to become Darth Stronach, 1 day after attempting to lure 2 BC Jedi Knights with a diplomatic post.

Jedi Master Yoda Harper said it best:
"While an unfortunate result for the country at this moment tonight's vote is, also provide us with persuasive arguments for change when Canadians finally and inevitably head to the polls it will.

"Tonight, a pyrrhic victory the Liberals Sith bought, that the seasons of its own destruction one will sow.

"In adopting a budget proposed by the NDP, and engaging in an unprecedented and irresponsible series of spending promises, fatally undermined its commitment to fiscal responsibility the Liberal Party of Canada Sith has."

It was expected that independants David Kilgour and Chuck Cadman would side with the Jedis against the proposed Sith budget. But Cadman the Badman eventually voted with the minority government. And it took the Speaker of the House's vote to seal the deal.

The budget offered goodies to various parts of the Evil Empire, with some extra goodies thrown in at the suggestion of the Nemoidian Democratic Party, thus the assumption that Cadman's vote would eventually topple the Sith. His reasoning for his decision...
"I imagine I made a few people angry today and probably made a few people happy," Cadman told CTV News moments later, in an interview outside the Commons.

"I was responding to my constituents. Primarily it was that they didn't feel they were prepared to go into an election," he told CTV reporter Roger Smith.
Another apprentice to the Dark Side? We shall see in the bloody morning after.

Until then... "May the Force be with you."

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