Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Snow-Day Meltdown: "Now You've Got Something To Die For!"
(or "Aisha: The Lamb of Muhammad")

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You gotta love "Lamb of God".

They may have some stoner-moonbat proclivities, but you can't deny the sheer brutal force of "Omerta", "Laid to Rest" and the song in the title from their recent studio opus, "Ashes of the Wake". Buy, download or Bit-torrent the sucker if you want to experience this New Wave of American Metal.

Having said all that, I've found something that matches this topic perfectly.

Denmark's Jyllands-Posten caused a shitstorm last year when they published illustrations of the prophet Muhammad. Somehow, the Islamaholics took exception to that act.

The blogosphere took notice. Now everyone and their dog are risking fatwahs up the poop-shoot by publishing and re-publishing the Satanic Doodlings.

If someone were to portray my prophet in an unflattering way, I'd be pissed off, too.

But that wouldn't mean that I'd go a slice someone's head off, would it.

You see, this is called freedom of expression. If you don't like what you see, either don't buy the rag, change the channel or go to another website. It's too easy, right?

The Islamaniacs would've said, "Silly Infidels... you'll never know our Prophet (pbuh). Shame. Shame. Shame. May Allah smite you for this." And that would've been it.

Instead, they have yet another excuse for a Jihad.

Living in the 21st century, we take our freedoms and tolerance for granted. Feel free to disagree with me, but I prefer some credit where credit's due. Declaring a Jihad over a cartoon, however distateful, is just so Dark Ages. And it really boggles the mind why anyone would get into an apoplectic, genocidal rage over scribblings.

But... if the Jihaddicts want something to really piss-and-moan about, they can take a good hard look at the cartoon that I have. If people were to follow the example of the Prophet (pbuh), Dr. Phil would've been dead from exhaustion and disgust.

Such reaction from most parts of the Islamosphere reeks of the supremist attitudes of religious extremists. Recall that at one time, X-tians and Damjoos also possesed truimphalist qualities - the Old and New Testaments can attest to them - but we have progressed to the point that the spirit of G-d will win people over, not Torquemada. The extremists, through the imposition of paradigms based on the strictest interpretation of the Qur'an, are still trapped in the Middle Ages, and it will take a jihad on the part of moderates and reformers against the zealots to stop this murderous, divisive trend.

Michelle Malkin, for sake of comparison, presented the US Joint Chiefs of Staff's reaction to a distateful op-ed toon by Tom Toles...

Personally, I'd drop a MOAB on the toonist, but that's only my opinion. Plus, I can't afford such ordinance at this time.

But this is an example of free speech in the Western World, and Toles has the same rights to publish this crap as I have in ranting online. If you don't like what you see, change the channel, change the station, switch newspapers or go to another website. Disagree or agree with me, but at least acknowledge the fact that I have an opinion, and I'm not afreaid to use it.

Now if our own Canadian MSM can reprint the Muhammad toons...


ABANDON (SWE) said...

If you were to create a silly degrading image of the holocaust victimsbeing gased in the showers (I hope nobody does get's that bright idea!!)you would be somenoby's wife in prison faster than you can say antisemite brother. I also beleive in freedom of expression but then everything goes, dig ! Please refrain from confusing freedom of expression with bigotry (nobody has the right to degrade other people's beliefs even if you find them, strange, backwards, peculiar or downright hate their ideologies).

Mehdi Vafaei from ABANDON (SWE) said...

I have nothing against freedom of expression but to degrade people's beleifs is another issue . Picture this : A fellow creates a cartoon/caricature of the Jewish People being gased and as they are suffocating to death with severe seizures in the death showers, and the Nazi guards standing outside looking in and laughing their ass off because one of them says "hey man there is a wild party going on in there". I'll tell ya what would happen to the so called art creator.He would be sombody's wife in jail, faster than he can utter the word Anti-Semite. So if this is expression of freedom then anything goes. When the Israeli Ambassador in Sweden destroyed a painting degrading his beleifs, I give him his full rights to complain but not to act voilently. Another thing, since there are 73 Muslim sects please refrain from quoting books you don't even know about. Yes violent extremeists are and will always be everywhere, but dont pin the trouble on ideologies since every belief has somebody (David Koresh, Mulla Khamenei, Usam Bin Laden, George dubya Bush....... ) misinterpreting them.