Sunday, January 29, 2006

Alicia Ross Remembered...
Jennifer Teague's Killer(s)
Still On The Run

Two young ladies. Two horrific crimes. Two different outcomes.

  • Alicia Ross is remembered by family and friends at

    The site features eulogies, pictures and stories on a life cut way too short.

    Of course, Sean Hine is missing from the final picture.

    He is mentioned. Once.

    Later that evening, I said goodnight to my Alicia at about 11 pm in the family basement. We laughed. She had spent the evening with her boyfriend, Sean, playing pool and burning CDs. He said goodnight to her on our front lawn at about midnight. Neither of us would ever see her again.

    On the morning of August 17th, Sean called 911 to report Alicia missing. He'd tried to reach her the night before when he got home — no response from her cell phone. No response again in the morning. She hadn't shown up for work. He then contacted my husband and I, and we rushed home to find the street covered with York Region Police cars, and the house filled with police officers — all looking for Alicia. In Alicia's room were her cell phone, her purse, her cigarettes, her keys. Her bed had not been slept in. Her laundry lay folded, ready to be put away. Her ring was by the bathroom sink — she'd washed for bed. Her car was in the driveway — she'd never gone to work. The backyard was strewn with Alicia's shoes, a glass, a cigarette, and the back yard gate had been left open. A sickness fell over us.
    Considering that he was one amongst the many who loved her, he should've put his "2¢" into the memorial, but either he was not allowed to, didn't do it, too distraught to do it... we may never know.

    Maybe he will be welcomed back to the fold, at least for once.

    I still have my suspicions about Hine. Maybe he'll eventually come clean.

    But then again...

  • It's been a while since Jennifer Teague was laid to rest.

    Unfortunately, unlike Alicia, the person(s) who took Jennifer's life still couldn't be found.

    Somone out there must have a conscience, or at least something resembling one.

    Right about now, police are still hunting, and they desperately need your help.

    You can email them at, or call them at (613) 236-1222, ext. 5477.

    Confidentiality will be guaranteed.

    If you're a witness, it's only a crime if you do nothing to help bring about justice.

    If you're afraid that you might be a suspect, it doesn't hurt to come clean.

    And if you really did the crime, call a lawyer and pray that the police get you before someone else does.

    Whatever you do, for sake of closure, do it for the ones Jennifer left behind.
What can I say? 'nuff said.

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