Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Erection 2006:
A Pyrrhic Victory For All Canadians

Around the blogosphere, everyone's feeling optimistic about the overthrow of the hated Grit-tatorship.

LGF-ers have shown some optimism, saying that that the Tory minority is a step in the right direction, a statement that with which I have no problem agreeing.

The Toronto Sun's Peter Worthington waxed poetic about Steve-O's victory over Paulyanna, stating:
It was an historic election in several ways -- not only for the length and acrimony of the campaign (and a winter campaign at that), but as someone noted, Stephen Harper learned from history, and Paul Martin is now history.
But before we break out the champagne glasses, I'd love to make it perfectly clear that another election may be over the horizon.

The Tories had to win at least 155 seats to have a majority, therefore giving them a proper mandate to govern. Because they are currently outnumbered 184-124, they will have to do either one of three options...

  1. stick to their guns and go down in flames;

  2. make minor adjustments to their policies while courting the other parties, then go down in flames; or

  3. throw out a few of their policies to make them palatable to the other parties, then go down in flames.
Not a very good scenario, is it?

If Steve-O wants to survive his Freshman Year at Parliament, he will have to resort to some pretty slick cloak-and-dagger moves to get the Grits, Jack-livia (formerly "Jack-O") and G-Dogg over to side long enough to effect the necessary changes after 12 years of misrule and corruption. If he's not careful, he too will be history.

With all due respect: in the end, we are the real losers.

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