Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Myth Of
Palestinian™ "Genius":
The Eating Of Their Own Saviours

Don't you just love it when Palestinians™ assert their authority? When they try to show some gratitude towards the Izzy-raelis for the fine real-estate bestowed unto them?

It's all about love and bullets, and Captain Ed knows how the self-styled "Chosen People©" conduct themselves...
After having their daughter give her life in a misguided attempt to assist Palestinians in keeping their weapon-transit tunnels open, Rachel Corrie's parents might have labored under a perception that the Palestinians might have some gratitude for their sacrifice ... or at least prove themselves worthy of her death on their behalf. Instead, to show just how civilized they can act when they have their own territory, members of the ruling Fatah faction tried to kidnap the Corries as they also blew up part of the Gaza-Sinai border, killing two guards(...)
How sweet. Rachel Corrie, the idealistic Yanquette who went to help the Palestinians™ only to wind up as roadkill under a Caterpillar, is considered a shahidah by the pseudo-nationalists. It's fully obvious that the assailants felt that she might be lonely up in Paradise©, considering that she's stuck with 72 virgins and she's (reportedly) not a dyke.

Read the Captain's report, then discuss.

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