Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oy Vey:
Hamas Wins Pali© Vote

A party winning an election fair-and-square is one thing.

A party that preaches genocide, suicide bombing and oppressive religious hegemony winning it is another.

To many - myself included - Hamas is a terrorist group responsible for murders within Eretz Israel. Dealing with them as criminals was easy. Things will get worse when they take control of the so-called "Palestinian Authority"™ ruling the descendants of Ottoman-era settlers (read: invaders and ethnic cleansers).

To his credit as first-time PM, Steve-O breaks it down...
Asked about the issue during his first news conference since winning Monday's election, Harper said he supports Israel.

"For a nation to be truly democratic, that nation must renounce terrorism," he said.
Not much, but it's a start, eh?

Sadly, they Palestinians© were voting out a corrupted Fatah regime in favour of the lesser, more austere Hamas. But the aims seem to be the same: KILL THE DAMJOOZ!

Don't believe me? Read this - the best tyrants create effective generations of automatons, and the Palis© have wound up both screwing logic and getting screwed in the process.

Hold on to your hats.

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