Friday, January 20, 2006

Erection 2006: Y-2-Dray Visits...
(you mean they're still around?)

Who: The Communist Party of Canada

What: they're Communists.

Why: "Canada's future is socialism!"
(Psst... the NDP just called: they want their slogan back!)

Wet dreams:
In a socialist Canada, the principal means of producing and distributing wealth will be the common property of society as a whole. The exploitation of labour will be abolished. Ecological degradation will be stopped, and a planned approach to the relationship of human life with the natural environment will be implemented. Want, poverty, insecurity and discrimination, rooted in capitalist exploitation, will be ended. Socialism will finally realize a new society based on solidarity, equality and emancipation.

As it develops, socialism will provide the real basis for communism, a classless society, in which for the first time in history, the free all-round development of each individual can be the condition for the development of all.

The aim of the Communist Party of Canada is to establish a socialist and, ultimately, a communist society in Canada. The party stands for the victory of socialism throughout the world.
I did say that it was a wet dream, right?

Eye-opening revelation:
Canada is an imperialist country – a highly developed monopoly capitalist state. Canada has the highest level of foreign ownership amongst the imperialist countries, but it is neither a colony nor a semi-colony. Canadian-based transnationals participate in the exploitation of working people in other countries, and Canada is subject to the intrinsic contradictions of global capitalism.
I'd sure love to see our imperial holdings. Weren't we supposed to own the Turks and Caicos waaay baaack in the daaay? Hmmm...

Anyways, read on and laugh.

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