Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hometown Diary:
What In The Name Of Hell
Is Happening To My T-dot??!!!??

One of the reasons
for my rant:
Jane Creba, 1990-2005

This is not my Toronto.

This was not supposed to happen. Especially on Boxing Day, in broad daylight, with a large crowd.

Sadly, it had happened before - once, in 1994.

Just Desserts. Downtown. 1 robbery. 1 shotgun blast. 1 dead.

Not too many people remember Vivi Lemonis nowadays, but because of her, we got really pissed off for a while.

7 years in trial. 2 convictions. 1 acquittal. 1 firearms registry implementation.

Then we all went into a collective stupour.

The guilty party may have gotten long sentences for their trouble, but those stupid enough to grab their dicks with one hand and brandish a sidearm with another still run around, ejaculating full metal jackets, missing their intended targets and eventually killing someone there at the wrong time.

The city's mayor, David Miller, still has no clue what happened on Yonge St. Boxing Day, nor had he any before, nor will he get any after. But asking a Penthouse/Hothouse Socialist to face reality is akin to trying to get a piece of plywood to grow into a tree. Paulyanna is still in an eternal state of denial, blaming this tragedy on society's ills, economy, blah blah blah. If this were true, Prime Minister, then Parkdale, Regent Park, Jane-Finch, Gottingen St. in Halifax, North-End Dartmouth, Vancouver's East End - all of Canada's low-rent districts would've gone up in smoke, engulfed in the flames of frustration and no-brained unfocused rage and confusion. No amount of platitudes by trolling political leaders will undo the damage caused by the Boxing Day showdown.

What happened was not a settling of scores, a redress of grievances or even a show of bravado. This was a terrorist act.

Black or white, brown or yellow - it doesn't matter. People without a moral compass - raised on a diet of bad television, video game consoles and escapist "gangsta" hip-hop videos ressembling nothing more than updated "minstrel shows" with SUV's, 40-ouncers and loose-but-sexy ladies possesing nothing more than a thong, a pulse and a vacant smile - want to relive their fantasies out in the real world without regard for life, limb and consequences. And in the process of dick-grabbing and cap-popping, a little girl gets killed.

It's stuff like this that's pissing me off.

From this point on, it's open season on the wanksters.

They will be hunted down and brought to justice. No amount of lying will get them off. They will all be treated the same.

None of this will make things any better, but maybe someone will think twice before popping off a cap.

If only our leaders had any balls...

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