Monday, December 26, 2005

What Am I Doing Tonight?
Empire's 1Sound -
"Return Of The Titans"

You people may realise one of the links on the left.

I am a fan of jungle, and one of the Toronto scene's longtime supporters.

Therefore, it's no surprise that tonight, I'll be heading to the soon-to-be-closed System Soundbar for a big blowout featuring the scene's legends such as Lush, Natural MC, Caddy Cad, Marcus (Visionary), Mystical Influence, Sniper, Trajedy, JD, etc., etc.

The main man, Ryan from Hustlin' Beats, has promised that it will be a killer night. As someone who has been away from the T-dot since 2000, it better be killer.

Check out this pic, then decide. If you're in the area, represent!

Big up, Ryan. I'll be there.

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Anonymous said...

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