Thursday, December 01, 2005

Your AdScam Dollars At Work.

Genius, eh?
"I am so smart...
The no-confidence vote didn't seem to faze the Martinites that much, especially since they came out of the gate running with a nice little political advert.

Quoting a series of recent news headlines, the 30-second television ad touts the accomplishments of Paul Martin's short-lived Liberal minority government.

From the 30-year record low unemployment rate set in October to Ottawa's $18-billion health-care deal with the premiers, the ad employs a simple style designed to evoke headlines torn from newspapers' front pages.

Eschewing voiceover in favour of a pulsating instrumental soundtrack, the ad cites the Edmonton Journal as it trumpets "Martin's tough stand on softwood starts to pay."

Then, presenting a quote from The Globe and Mail, the ad says "Every tax payer would see a benefit at tax time."

As the final headline flashes onto screen -- lauding Canada's "hot" housing market, "solid" economy and low interest rates -- a woman's voice announces: "There's nothing minor about the accomplishments of Paul Martin's minority government."

What it fails to mention is the fact that all these good things happened in spite of the minority government's efforts. Whatever the Grits gave, they did it as either as an afterthought or a pork-barrel obligation.

By Canadian law, all the parties have the opportunity to present their platforms in a timely manner. It will be very interesting when the Tories start firing their salvoes.

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