Sunday, December 04, 2005

Recent Polls Indicate:
"Voters Still Addicted To Pork"

" Liberals still leading Conservatives, poll finds" - you gotta hand it to the Grits.

All those promises of pork in barrels must've paid off in spades, eh Paulyanna?

35% of Canadians would vote for you, while 30% would vote for the Man in the White Hat.

To all those people still voting Grit, ask yourselves these.

"A better strain of Pork?
Goody goody!"

Would you rather pay for the goodies now or later?

Would you rather have a leader who inspires rather than one who caters?

Do you believe in making reasonable sacrifices?

Are you not afraid of Americans?

Would you prefer to defend your country rather than have someone else do that for you?

Do you prefer to earn your entitlements rather than just simply be entitled to them?

Think about them. Then reconsider your choice.

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