Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Erection 2006 (not a typo, trust me):
Come Again, Jacko?

See the title? It just shows how much I really get excited over politics!

"... and I promise to smoke pot
for every chicken..."

But back to the subject at hand, in which we have our valiant NDP leader promising not to raise taxes if elected.

You've read it right. Read Jacko's lips - "No new taxes!"

This tax freeze talk is coming from a socialist, just to let you know.

One who is opposed to tax cuts for corporations... remember, more money to corps = more money to make and sell stuff = more demand = more jobs = more NDP voters. Simple math - and I suck at it!

Meanwhile... more money to us = more stuff to buy = more demand = more jobs = more NDP voters.

See, Jacko... tax cuts are your friends.

With an economist and his own "star" candidate by his side, NDP Leader Jack Layton on Monday opposed new tax cuts promised by the Liberals and Conservatives.

Layton lambasted a Conservative proposal to cut the GST, while promising his party would not raise taxes.
Talk about voodoo economics. It would be lovely not to see my paycheque shrink even further to fund all those "progressive" goodies that Mr. Olivia Chow is promising to an increasingly apathetic electorate. One, like CAW commissar Buzz Hargrove, must take into consideration that the NDP's chances of attaining parliamentary power are considerably better than the Pope converting to Shi'a Islam.

The party was struck a major blow on Friday when Canadian Auto Workers union head Buzz Hargrove threw his support behind the Liberals in ridings where New Democrats have little chance to win. Hargrove said the CAW, whose members traditionally support the NDP, will vote for Liberals in ridings where the NDP can't win in order to keep the Tories from coming into power.
Translation: a) he knows that Jacko ain't gonna be PM anytime soon; and b) Buzz loves Pork.

But of course, Jacko doesn't like to eat out of a pork-barrel, so in comes the Canadian Muslim Congress to the proverbial rescue!

The NDP won endorsement today by the Muslim Canadian Congress, which says the Liberals have taken Muslims for granted for too long. The group says tough federal security measures aimed at Muslims also played a role in the decision to back the NDP.
Translation: Jacko doesn't like Pork, so the Congress endorses him.

Meanwhile, Jacko has snatched a former bank exec to run in one of the Toronto ridings ("electoral districts") against a Grit cabinet minister and a former tv anchorman, Peter Kent.

One is speculating if the star candidate will get his old job back after the election. I am. What about the rest?

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