Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Erection 2006:
So Who Are The Playas?

To anyone outside of Canada, welcome to my fucked-up world site.

As all of us should know by now, we are in midst of an election camplaign. All good Canadians will be able to exercise the democratic right of throwing the bums out of office (or keeping them in power) on 23 January 2006, which is why all the political parties are trying to play Santa Claus with promises of bright, shiny toys and filling us with visions of sugar-plums dancing around our heads.

Canada's MSM have supplied us mortals with 5 parties: the Liberals; the Conservatives; the Bloc Québecois; and the Greens. All of them, except for the Greens, will go head-to-head on a national tv debate in a couple of weeks time.

The exclusion of the Greens and other political parties verges on criminal. Not that I care much for the tree-hugging massive, but at least they derserve to get their voices heard, along with those from other parties. (I'll try to tackle this travesty in another post.)

This site should show you the list of contenders in this winter election season. It may not be the most comprehensive one around, but it's a start.

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