Monday, December 05, 2005

Another Palestinian™ Shows Gratitude:
Kills 5, Injures 30

( Suicide bomber kills 5 at Israeli shopping mall...

(Certain) Palestinians, grateful for having land given to them by Eretz Israel, are still showing gratitude in the generous spirit of the followers of the great, merciful Grand Mufti Hajj Amin.

One of them demonstrated his with a little - uh... explosive demonstration at a Netanya shopping centre.

Two Palestinian militant groups claimed responsibility for the attack, although only Islamic Jihad released the name of the bomber.

In a phone call to the Associated Press, Islamic Jihad identified the bomber as Lotfi Abu Saada, from the village of Illar between the West Bank towns of Tulkaram and Jenin.

This group declared that it reserved the right to retaliate for any perceived Israeli "violations" of a "ceasefire", such as the recent killing of a terrorist leader and an arrest of another. Obviously, these two gentlemen were about to get their people to demonstrate their gratitude to the Damjoos who live in the Eretz.

The grateful zealot, Abu Saada, was stopped at a mall checkpoint when he decided to show his love for the Damjoo people.

Of course, the Palestinians™ are always trying to go after military targets, or so their syncophants would love to have us ignorant heathen savages believe. But the Great Mufti's spirit, revered by the most passionate amongst the nationalists, declared that "Palestine is our land and the Jews our dogs". So such demonstrations are understandable.

(For those who are still clueless, check out this link.)

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