Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Erection 2006:
Scott Reid - Jackass

"What the fuck was I drinking, Duuuude?"
For the past couple of days, the Paulyanna Party People have been working overtime to wash the taste of smelly Guccis (or were they Bruno Maglis) out of their potty mouths after Grit communications director made the comment about the beer and popcorn being bought with Steve-O's $1200-a-year/child.

It's one thing to shell out bucks to buy families' votes, but it's another to make mockery of good intentions, especially if the person making the comment is a senior in the party Politburo.

In fact, the recipients would not be spending $25/day on popcorn and beer, Scotty.

They would rather spend it on something a little more worthwhile, like...

  • liquor and whores;

  • Chris Brothers Pepperoni;

  • the "Miami Vice: Season 2" DVD collection (out now!);

  • pot; or

  • surfing internet pr0n.
Well - I never liked Steve-O's idea anyways. I'm quite sure that those who could either afford day-care or stay-at-home care would pass on the bribe in favour of tax credits. Those who couldn't should qualify, though.

Still, Scotty's comments should be a little more subtle. So he did a mea culpa - whoop-ee. I'm sure that the Pork-aholics would still love him anyway.

Any more bright ideas, Steve-O?

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