Friday, December 16, 2005

NWS Warning: Why Is The MSM Not Reporting Any Good Iraq News.

All throughout the blogosphere, people a complaining about media bias in the Iraq wars.

Right about now, Iraqis have completed voting for a new government.

Right about now, terrorists are on the run.

But the MSM is not reporting enough on the "good" news.

Maybe it's because they're waiting for a photo-op like this...

The use of this pic here is not meant to trivialise such a tragedy, but people running protest sites currently showing it are probably anticipating another such photo-op.

Well, look on the bright side... the girl in the center is alive and well and living in Toronto. She still feels the pain once in a while, but prefers to get on with living.

But I'm quite sure that the MSM has a perverse agenda to get the most lewd, lascivious stories to sell papers (and line reporters' resumés). It may not have anything to do with ideology and indoctrination, but producing pr0n for the massed can be too troublesome.

So to the media drones, get some optimism back into reporting, eh?

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Anonymous said...

what does "optimism" have to do with "reporting?"