Tuesday, December 06, 2005

WTF: X-tians Baaaad -
Sikhs Gooood?

Sam Morris,
X-Tian Ho'.

The Rott dredged this nice little piece of Veddy Briddish silliness courtesy of one of their posters...

According to this article...

Sam Morris, 16, was reportedly sent home from Sinfin Community School, Derby, after she refused to remove a gold cross on a necklace.

She was told wearing a crucifix was not compulsory for Christians, so the necklace breached dress codes.

Other pupils are allowed to wear kirpan daggers and metal bracelets, as they are classed as religious symbols, said the Daily Express.

GCSE student Sam missed two days of study before her mother Debra Saunders, 37, allowed her to return to school without the necklace.
Translation: X-tianity = Evil; Sikhism = Just As Evil But At Least It Ain't X-tianity!

Just because X-tians (and the Damjooz, BTW) are not bound to wearing talismans doesn't excuse the school from banning them outright.

It's just another example of "whitey guilt" - the act of over-atoning for the sins of their forefathers, the self-flagellation, auto-defenestration of a culture on which their paticular society is based solely because they might "offend" someone.

As someone who is definitely not an X-tian, I find this incident offensive enough to warrant crucifixion, mainly because British civilization, like Anglo North American civilization, is/was based on X-tian, protestant principles.

And for some bizarre reason known only to G-d, Ha-shem Himself, it has prospered and flourished in such a way that English, not French nor Spanish nor Latin, has become the dominant lingua franca today. That, on its own, is sufficient ammo for the British Israelists.

As one great Dr. has said...

Nigga we started this gangsta shit.
And this the motherfuckin thanks I get?
It's funny how time fly,
I'm just havin fun, just watchin it fly by.
- Dr. Dré, "The Watcher"
Talk about biting the hand that feeds, eh?

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