Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Erection 2006:
Paulyanna Whines Again

In addition to being a bit immature and unable to reign in his stable of jackasses, Paulyanna has been stoking the fires of our favourite disease, anti-Americanism.

"Mommy! The big bad ambassador
hurt me again! BWAAAAH!"

When you share the world's longest, relatively undefended border with the world's lone ├╝berpower, you would get slightly paranoid about your neighbour once in a while. In this election campaign, paranoia may be the biggest weapon.

A couple of days ago, the Yanqui ambassador, David Wilkins, scolded the phenomenon.

"I understand political expediency, but the last time I looked, the United States was not on the ballot for the Jan. 23 election," Wilkins told the crowd gathered just steps away from Parliament Hill.

"Just think about this: What if one of our best friends criticized you directly and incorrectly almost relentlessly? What if that friend's agenda was to highlight your perceived flaws while avoiding mentioning your successes? What if that friend demanded respect but offered little in return?" Wilkins asked.

"Wouldn't that begin to sow the seeds of doubt in your mind about the strength of the friendship?"
Of course, that was all in response about Paulyanna's accusations that W was not being Kyoto's bitch as everyone should be these days. Doing that within earshot of the Clintoris didn't help matters any better.

In his defence, Paulyanna whined:

"I have been raising the softwood lumber issue ever since I became prime minister, I have been raising the climate change issue ever since I became prime minister," Martin said Wednesday.

"These issues pre-date the election campaign, but if those issues arise, then I will deal with them as they arise. And I am going to call it as I see it.

Unfortunately, there is a time for diplomacy, and a time for bribing voters. By taking the low road of paranoia pandering, the insufferable incumbent has cheapened himself not only in face of his adversaries, but also his supporters.

How about this tidbit?

When asked what right Martin has to speak about others lacking a global conscience when Canada's track record on greenhouse emissions is far from shining, the Liberal leader simply repeated that the world needs a "new multilateralism."

"We live in a world where other countries, China and India, are rising to the fore, and the fact is, before we start having these huge tectonic giants clashing with each other, we have got to basically put in place rules by which the world is going to govern itself."
Well, excuuuuuuse me, Paulyanna! Back in the day, we took the initiative. We set the standards and expect the world to follow. Why wait for anyone to do it right while there is an opportunity to seize the moment? With that comment, you're implying that we should be bitches to multilateralism, right?

If you wind up getting re-elected with a majority, you should better start taking the initiative and act like a real world leader, not a multilateral lackey.

Whiny maggot.

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