Thursday, December 01, 2005

Will Aurora-Newmarket Handle Any More BS?

"I'll show that bitch Nicole Ritchie...
wait a minute. What am I again?"
According to the journos covering this fairly affluent riding, BS has her work cut out after defecting to Paulyanna's ship last spring.

When she was elected to the House of Commons in the last election, the constituents wanted a Tory to represent their best interests.

But BS, being the Paris Hilton of Canadian politics, preferred to see her name in the papers more than representing the riding, which includes the Ontarian cities of Aurora and Newmarket, plus other chunks of the York Regional Municipality.

"I may have changed political parties but I never changed the principles that I stand for," Stronach told CTV's Austin Delaney on Tuesday.

But that's not enough to satisfy some Conservatives who felt betrayed and are now out for revenge.

"What it brought back was the whole cynicism and disillusionment of the Canadian public about politicians," Conservative candidate Lois Brown said Tuesday while on the campaign trail.

Brown, who Stronach narrowly beat for the Tory nomination in the 2004 campaign, is ready to take on the millionaire and former Magna CEO. She began campaigning even before the writ was dropped.

But the calls for Stronach's downfall don't seem to be troubling the Liberal MP.

"First of all they've got to have a lot more than just 'Dump Belinda' on their platform," Stronach said.

Well, BS... they do. And in spades.

Take my advice: go back to auto parts. Leave the politics to real people.

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