Monday, February 20, 2006

"To Us And Our Own And Ourselves Alone"

It's a bit late to say this, but I'll say it anyway.

My contract with the Canadian Forces expired on 15 November 2005.

I'm now with HMCS SCOTIAN, doing the part-time gig and looking for something a little more permanent and lucrative.

But here's something made off the top of my head for those I left behind.

(Yes... even those who I would consider to be dickheads - I don't discriminate, y'know?)

If this looks a bit hokey, it's all my fault, eh?

Here's to us and our own
And ourselves alone
Who signed up for the team
So we can all live the dream.

Working long days
Alongide and at sea
Sailing to strange places
While earning our pay

Some come for the thrills
Soma come for the cash
Some come for the fun
Or to pay off the bills

We may be students or workers
Husbands or housewives
Professionals or amateurs
Neighbours and friends

We're all brave and all crazy
To sign up and join
To risk life and limb
On a flat-flat bottomed ship that we call "home"

From the cold Arctic Circle
To the hot Carib beaches
To all the ancient ports
And the well-hidden coves

Through calm and through storms
We all keep sailing on
Those who say "It can't be done"
Have all been proved wrong

For we are the few, the proud, and the incurably insane
Who are serving our country in these rusty tin cans
Ready, willing and able - we are so proud to be
The people who serve on the MCDVs

Big-up to all those still serving (or who will plan to serve) on the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels.

An extra big-up to to all the R271s/R00114s with whom I have the fortune (and the pleasure) to work. Like it or not, you were all part of 5 years of my life on both coasts. That says a lot on its own.

Oh, and those who have yelled at me at various points of my contract - you're all forgiven, eh?

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