Sunday, March 13, 2005


Well, the old coffee banana fruitcake himself, U.N. tsar Kofi Annanaramalamdingdong, has decided to take a nice little Mideastern holiday, with the hope that he could broker some peace between the Is-raw-eelies and the "Palestinians", while possible getting a little piece of the action on the side.

In addition to trying to save a piece of the world, he intends to check out the opening of the expansion of the Yad Vashem Shoah memorial, as well as visit the tree planted in honour of ill-fated Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who just happened to be the uncle of Bananarama's wife, Nane.

Of course, one must realise that Kofi is the head of an organization that resolved during the 1970's under the leadership of ex-NSDAP lackey Kurt Waldheim that Zionism was racism.

Take also into account that even though the U.N. originally passed the resolution that eventually created the State of Israel, it had supported, in various forms, groups dedicated to it's destruction. Forget the irony that most of them originated from the genocidal "Arab Higher Committee", formed in the 1920's by future Hitler protegé, the Mufti Haj Amin.
The secretary general hopes to help both sides "sustain the momentum that has been generated in the past few weeks," UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said.

Annan cited the Feb. 8 summit in Egypt, where Sharon and Abbas declared an end to four years of bloodshed, and the international show of support for the Palestinians at a March 1 conference in London.
The problem with such an initiative lies in one's definition of peace.

To the Israelis (read: Jooz), it is the peace of not getting blown up and prospering.

To the "Palestinians" (read: Islamist Jihadis), it's mostly the peace of the Jooish graveyard, all dug up and sown with salt.

I would strongly recommend reading the whole article regading the Israeli/"Palestinian" conflict at the Emperor's Clothes site and decide whether Kofi should even bother wasting his time playing world saviour.

One shouldn't hesitate to add that the U.N. has not been doing that well in maintaining world peace and security for a long time. If it had given a single damn about what was happening around the world, there wouldn't be a Darfur, Kosovo, Beslan, Saddam, Medak Pocket, Rwanda...

Oh... and don't forget the little girls in the Congo and the former/once-and-future Yugoslavia who were forced to sell their bodies to all the caring U.N. workers on R'n'R, eh?

If Kofi were to give a single flying fuck about peace in Israel (not fucking "Palestine", BTW!), he should've stayed home and let Nane go instead.

And one more thing - don't you get the feeling that all the Euro leaders who attended Shoah commemoration ceremonies were not being too sincere in their reverence, as if their attendance was a way to say "STFU" to the Jooz wrt their support of murderous Islamist freedom fighters? Think about it, eh?

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