Saturday, March 26, 2005

Who's worse? Scott Peterson
or Michael Schiavo?

As everyone knows too damn well, Terri Schiavo (neé Schindler), in a vegetative state after suffering a heart attack in 1990, had her feeding tube removed by a court order.

Right about now the Left and the Right are tossive missives regarding who has the right to determine Terri's fate: her parents or her husband who recently admitted to an extramarital affair and has 2 kids during this ordeal.

Of course, I find this sad, depressing soap-opera a little bit overwhelming so I checked out the timeline to sort this insane shit out.

Meanwhile, Scott Peterson is awaiting the "hangman" (California has lethal injection - is there a rope shortage in that state or what?) after being found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci. This waste of human tissue apparently did not want to work for a living and wanted to be a professional playboy.

Interestingly enough, Michael doesn't seem to have anything else on the go, either.

This makes for a little bit of a comparison between these 2 loving, caring examples of husbandry. But first, click here for something a little bit - uh - eerie.

There: y'all feeling better?

The only difference may be that Mr. Shiavo is a little more adept at sucking the right cock to get what he believes what his languishing wife "wanted": starvation.

Laci, on the other hand, never voiced any opinion on what she wanted in case something were to happen: that decision was already made up for her well in advance.

And anyways, poor hottie Scotty would never want to get on his knees to earn a better deal.

Maybe Mr. Schiavo (who shall henceforth be referred to as "S") should've given some thought about what he wanted done if anything were to happen. Maybe he should've gotten a little more sensitive about the woman he married and was supposed to cherish, in sickness and in health until death do them part.

Well, the Schindlers should've known that this S dude would turn out to be such a shithead. And I wouldn't blame them, although they also should've known better than to let the court give asshole guardianship over Terri. And of course the conservative bloggers are cooking up various conspiracy theories about Mikey, such as the one presented by some Army specialist right here...
Why is Michael Schiavo so concerned? It's not over the pain. It's over what's left of the $20 million. The day after he won that judgement, he probably started wanting Terri taken off the machinery and planted somewhere six feet under.

Now, she just won't die. Michael Schiavo is watching his lawsuit swag melt away like the sands in an hourglass. He thought he'd won it all and hit the jackpot. He must have figured he could plant poor Terri, pocket the green and take up permanently with his newest rent-a-skank.
Well if Shithead wanted to ditch his wife for some skanky tart, he could've dumped her off on the in-laws and go his merry own way.

But it's all about the money, right? That lawsuit money seemed too good to pass up, eh?

If Playboy Peterson had a fraction of the brains that Slick Mick Shiavo posseses, he would've had his floozie Amber Frye jerking off his load onto a pile of Dead Presidents. Apparently, intelligence is probably the greatest separator between these two caring gentlemen.

Meanwhile, Terri's parents have exhausted all their appeals to have her back on the feeding tube that has kept her alive for the past 15 years. For some strange reason, Michael Schiavo and his attorney managed to convince the courts to kill her off.

As I said before, Michael Schiavo is quite the cocksucker. And don't you forget it.

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