Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ketchup: Brian Nichols should've been shot!

I'm just wondering why police in Atlanta, GA didn't take this "human" refuse out when they had the chance.

This steroidal fucktard shot up a courthouse, killing a judge and 2 more people, then killed an immigration officer during a carjacking.

Here's how it supposedly ended...
Chief Charles Walters of the Gwinnett County Police Department says Brian Nichols offered no resistance when he was arrested today at a suburban Atlanta apartment complex, where he'd taken a woman hostage.

The woman somehow managed to get away and call police.

The chief says Nichols saw the overwhelming police presence and decided to surrender, waving a white flag or t-shirt.
Had the police arrived earlier and been a little more discreet, they would've stopped Nichols permanently.

But they didn't and all we get is this bastard being led away in handcuffs, smirking away like the arrogant punk-ass bitch that he is.

Had the swat team been a little quick and stealthy, Brian Nichols would no longer have a head to smirk from.

From my POV, that cunt has forfeited his right to live. He has reneged on a chance to get a fairer trial on a rape and kidnapping charge that he originally received. Now, he's more likely to face the death penalty, but I suspect that he will soon tie it all up with appeals and more appeals until he winds up getting a life sentence. "Yo, I's the real gangsta n---a in da house, now, y'all. Give it up, y'all. Woot woot." And it's all because the cops had to make it so obvious that they were closing in on his worthless, forfeited punk-ass.

Get it together, wusses! No justice... no pizza!

BTW: Michael King has a more sober account right here. I'm just in a pissy mood, that's all.

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