Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo (neé Schindler) - 1963-2005

All over the world and in cyberspace, the sad story of 2 families over a comatose woman has fuelled heated debate between those who wanted Terri to live and those who wanted her to die with dignity.

I'm torn between these 2 schools of thought, mainly because of the stress of keeping someone alive and praying for a cure, while at the same time trying to ease the suffering and maybe hasten a peaceful, painless death.

I've been there before whem my dad fell ill back in 1996. And I've been there when he suffered the aortal dissection that eventually killed him in 2002.

For me, it was hellish to see a previously strong-willed man suffer like that - with tubes and electrodes keeping him alive and monitoring every aspect of his most vital signs.

But in this case there was hope, and hope against hope, that Dad might recover, for he had such a strong will to live - maybe much stronger that I ever thought.

In Terri's case, things were much different and way more twisted.

I suspect that Michael Schiavo either a) gave up hope; b) assumed that his wife wanted to die anyway - many years too late after the fact; c) wanted to get his hands on some money after she expired; d) is a fucking idiot; or e) one smart, devious cocksucker.

I suspect that Bob and Mary Schindler - Terri's 'rents - either a) were too naive at the time when the courts allowed Michael Schiavo guardianship over their daughter; b) underestimated their daughter's true health at the time Schiavo assumed guardianship; c) hired some pretty incompetant lawyers to handle such a serious case; d) were too nice about the situation to be taken seriously; or e) have been taken for ignorant, senile old people by the courts that listened to their case.

And I suspect the courts either a) were caught in a serious lose-lose situation; b) were to lazy to care; c) thought they knew waht was best for everyone; d) were incompetant as fuck; e) were ignorant as fuck; or f) were played like a fine antique Stradivarius by Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos - who I'm quite sure was paid more than just mucho bank to represent Mikey.

To make the sad ending even worse, Michael Schiavo barred Terri's family from seeing her at the last moments of her life. That act, in itself, was cruel.

For now, there shall be an autopsy done, funeral arrangements - definitively the whole nine yards. There will yet be another dispute over where Terri shall be buried and how the final act shall be carried out - that's another sad story altogether.

But when everything has been said and done, there will be questions asked and fingers pointed in accusation. And in the very end, some heads are going to roll.

My sympathies and respects go out to the Schindlers: Terri now has the peace and happiness she deserves.

And to Michael Schiavo: here's hoping that you have had your way and you're now glad it's over and done. Have fun with you new life and your new wife. Enjoy the money. Enjoy the attention.

And fuck you.

(PS: why such surly attitude? Check out this article by the Right Wing Rocker and a list of what was very wrong about this whole, sad affair. I never really trusted Michael Schiavo in his handling of Terri: now I respect him even less.

End rant. NEXT!)

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