Sunday, March 20, 2005

LAZY BOY: going beyond Barbie Girl

You all remember the mid/late-90s Danish pop-pop group Aqua with Lene Nystrom and René Dix and that obnoxious song "Barbie Girl" that virtually destroyed any hopes of a true rawk revival because every record exec loved it so much that they decided to sign up any novelty act that could put out the same type of provocative novelty pop-pop tune at least once before they would all fade into obscurity and irrelevance (hello, T.A.T.U.?)

Theres another member that should now take seriously - keyboardist/producer Søren Rasted, who decided after years of reaping mucho bank from "Barbie Girl's" royalties to get back into the electro business with his latest project, Lazy Boy. I got hooked after listening to the first single "Underwear Goes Inside Pants" featuring the styled rantings of Greg Giraldo. Their second single is called "Facts of Life" which features a monotonous yet cutting commentary by Julie Berry.

For all you fans of downtempo pop, this one's for you. It may not rawk your world or ease your mind too much, but this shit is sure to erase any memories of René lasciviously crooning "C'mon Barbie / Let's go party".

Thumbs up from me.

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