Monday, October 03, 2005

All Together Now:
(5766 Already? Oy Vey!)

To mere Genitile-ia, this is 2005 AD/CE.

To the Hebrews and Shebrews (let's not be that gender exclusive, shall we?), it's now (or will be) 5766.

The Sons, Daughters and Descendants of the Twelve Tribes know that 2005 happened in 3761 BC/BCE, meaning that by rights, we should be more advanced and enlightened by now. Think about it, everyone: why do I always bitch and complain about barbarism, tribalism, isolationism, Idiotarianism and all other revolting "isms" every time I post? It sure ain't because of my health - we're halfway through the 58th century, damnit.

So break out the bubbly and other tonics. We all deserve to party it up in the fall. It's our right, eh?

For me and mine, you and yours and all others, have a happy one and then some.

And FYI: don't forget about sunset, 12 Oct 2005! (If you don't know, ask a 'brew.)

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