Monday, October 03, 2005

Splinters From This Summer Past - London and Karla

(originally typed 5 Jul 2005)

(I had a few leftovers from this past summer that I would like to share with you. If they actually suck to you, fine: it's my fault and I'm proud of that. Okay?)

Here are a few things to get off my chest on a Thursday night.

I could've gone out with my fellow Summer Shads (you know who you are - show respect to the Dr., Kiddies!) and do a couple of piss-ups at the Split Crow amd the Argyle (remember - Friday is a work day, eh?), but I have too much shit running through my fevered little brain, and it would be a waste to hold my peace while the world goes from one damn crisis to the next.

Speaking of crisis, all my sympathies, prayers and love go out the the Londoners affected, directly and indirectly, by the rush-hour bombings. Once again, those fucks strike again, and goddamnit there will be Big Hell to pay.

We Canucks, as per usual, are immune cocooned from all the world's problems and grievances. I mean... go figure: we are stuck with such a rotten, corrupt, Machiavellian Liberal kleptocracy that we keep electing over and over again. And Stephen Harper ain't helping matters much, trying to justify that they're better than the Paulyanna Grits based on for what they don't stand rather than for what they are willing to represent.

I've always suspected that our political parties are like cans of beans: different labels, slightly different ingredients, different presentation, but in the end, they will always be beans. In the quest for votes, none of the mainstream parties have offered any valid reasons why they should rule the country aside from the fact that each one claim to be not the other party. I am just sick and freaking tired of this charade.

Stephen Harper's little problem is not his "hidden agenda" (cue very scary, Soviet-era propaganda music) but a serious lack of a definite, solid agenda. Why do you think Belinda left Peter to blow Paulyanna? Think, Stephen, think! If you want my vote, you should better show all of us Canadians what the Conservative Party of Canada actually represents rather than what it doesn't. Therefore, you'll get to deny any further Liberal accusations that you're a CIA agent-provocateur. Get your shit together, will ya?

Anyways, as for those fucks who set off the bombs - pray for a quick death, because you're not getting any.

Phew... now where was I?

  • Karla Homolka "free" at last! Convicted child raping murderess is currently out on parole and planning to start her "life" anew in la belle province du Québec. This obviously meant doing an exclusive t.v. interview with Radio-Canada (the CBC's French network). En français.

    All this negative publicity surrounding her parole has driven her to reject the Anglo media and her native Ontario. And after many years of being under the microscope after her infamous "deal with the devil" made with the Crown slashed her prison term by more than a half, she has no choice but to get the Hell out of Dodge and hide in virtually plain sight.

    What's even more incroyable is that the Québecois are more sympathetic to Karla-muffin's plight than the Rest of Canada™. Don't they know that she's a MANIPULATIVE LITTLE CUNT? She's been playing this boo-hoo-hoo-poor-battered-housewife-forced-into-a-life-of-debauchery for too fucking long, and that the politically "correct" amongst the prosecution were taken hook, line and sinker to cut the deal.

    So at this very point, according to Karla, we should not judge her too harshly and let her get on with her life. I guess her little sister would agree.

    I don't and I won't. Ever.

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