Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Young Grits Get Nekkid
(For Unity's Sake)

Let's hand it to those zany Liberals: they sure try their damnedest to win the hearts, minds, wallets, etc., of those restive Québecois!

Take, for example, this poster that la belle province's Young Liberals put out to various universities around Quebec.

Six scantily clad Liberal youth-wing executives, who posed on Montreal's hip St-Denis Street, are front-centre in a poster campaign to begin on Monday that will hit the walls of some Quebec universities and appear in some weekly newspapers.

After young Quebec Liberals came up with the idea, the search for those willing to reveal more than just their thoughts wasn't difficult.

"We had more models than we needed," said Brigitte Legault, president of the youth wing of the Quebec federal Liberals.
This is a party that prides itself with "political correctness"? Oh, my Goodness. What is this world coming to, B'y?

But in a relatively relaxed distict society such as Quebec's, anything goes when it comes to sending a message out to the masses. In this case, it's giving the metaphorical F.U. to the persistant, pervasive souverainistes that never seem to quit asking for independance for a province which, for all good intents and puposes, is already autonomous (see Bill 101).

At least 3 universities, University of Montreal, University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) and Concordia, have ixnayed the campaign not because of politics, but "rather because of the (nature of the ads) that was maybe a bit too provocative or in bad taste," according to a spokesperson from the ad agency in charge of the posters.

(So that's where the AdScam dollars have been going to, eh? Hmmmm....)

Considering the fact that an election campaign will be held as soon as Mr. Gomery files and delivers his report, this tactic by the Paulyanna-led Grits could be seen as an act of desperation to win some votes their way. But then, given the choice between the "federal" Bloc Québecois and the Devils We Know (the Tories aren't too well liked in la belle province - yet), one would wish more power to the latter and none to the former. Whoever allowed the Bloc to run federally in the first place should be shot, considering that my tax dollars wind up in the pockets of people who want to destroy my country's unity, thank you.

Maybe they should take the challenge one step further and have a lap-dance campaign...


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