Monday, November 21, 2005

Debbie Schlussel Dares You To Drink - NOT!

Debbie Schlussel is part of my "Roll Call" to the left.

For a nice little Jewish girl who's not afraid to say that she's a (USA) conservative, one must wonder WTF she's doing with Holiday-themed drinks from the Jones Soda Company?

Stores around the country are pushing Jones Soda's "Holiday Pack." I tried it last week, and trust me, don't buy it. Save your $10 plus (for five bottles).

I like exotic flavors of pop (that's what we call "soda" here in Michigan), but this variety of "flavors" tastes terrible--every single flavor--even if it is 100% kosher and vegetarian.
Let's see: you have for your flavours - "Turkey and Gravy", "Brussels Sprouts", "Wild Herb Stuffing", "Cranberry" and "Pumpkin Pie".

Don't you just wanna run out and grab that "Holiday Pack" and enjoy a nice liquid supper, the Jones Soda way?

Ha... I don't think so. Neither would I.

Mercifully, the company has provided other flavours for the more discerning palate. (We Canucks have to put up with these available fizzy-pops. Not that all this would matter to me, eh?)

Even more mercifully, I doubt very much that the "HP" would make its way to my neck of wood.

Just a thought.

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