Monday, November 14, 2005

Mickey and Mallory Revisited

"Teens sought in Pa. murders found in Indiana"

And now for a "Natural Born Killer" understatement...

A friend of the family, Stephanie Mannon, 16, told AP that (David G.) Ludwig and (kara Beth) Borden had been seeing each other secretly.

"Their parents didn't approve of them being together'' because of the age difference, she said. "It wasn't because he was a shady character, because he wasn't.''

Now take a good hard look at David's pic. I'd sure like to meet a real shady character, because this guy looks a bit like a psycho axe-murderer than an obsessed boyfriend.

Then again, Woody Harrelson sure looked good while courting Juliette Lewis in Oliver Stone's train-wreck of a mindfuck of a movie.

I wonder if there would be a Maury Povich Show episode about it soon....

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