Thursday, November 03, 2005

Separatist Miffed At Billie-Jean

"Heil Québec Libre!"

CANOE -- CNEWS - Canada: Andre Boisclair lashes out at Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean over coke joke

André Boisclair is a favourite for the leadership of the Parti Québecois.

Young. Ambitious. Gay.

And interestingly enough, like young W, a blowhead.

But let's face it... everyone is entitled to his/her own vice.

So why does our new Governor General, Billie-Jean, making light of this man's vice.

Jean referred to Boisclair in a speech she gave at the annual Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner on Oct. 22. In her speech, Jean cracked several jokes about Boisclair, including one that played on the dual meaning of the word coke, and saying that Boisclair always follows the party "line."

Don't get me wrong: the PQ's simple agenda is to separate Québec from Canada, thereby setting the Maritimes adrift. These idealistic nouveau-hippie agitators have been going at it since the 60s, and the "sovereigntist" issue has a hard time dying in la belle province.

Generally, such parties promoting disruption of national unity should be banned.

But low blows such as this lame yéyo joke will only hasten the worst.

Speaking prior to a debate between PQ leadership hopefuls on Wednesday, Boisclair said he was shocked at Jean's behaviour before the 600 invited guests, including Prime Minister Paul Martin.

"The images speak for themselves and everyone who saw those images understand that they're out of place," Boisclair said.

"Mrs. Jean was not participating in a private event. Mrs. Jean was participating in a public event, televised, taped."
I don't blame Comrade Dré for throwing such a hissy fit, but for X-sakes, you'd never see W pulling such a stunt, eh?

Then again, Billie-Jean, handpicked by Paulyanna and a controversy in her own right, should've taken this snow-job offline.

After all, the Péquistas are more than a bunch of flakes.

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