Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Rarity In Any Canadian Bookstore!
(or "Proof That There Is A G-d")

I was browsing around Smthbooks at Scotia Square when I decided to check out the political/current events section.

In amongst the politically "correct" and activist tomes, amongst the Chomskeys, the Moores and Naomi Kleins, there stood two of the most controversial titles by one of the most controversial conservative commentators, Ann Coulter.


I had a tough choice: would it be "Treason" or "How To Talk To A Liberal (I You Must)"? Should I enhance my anti-idiotarian credentials by buying either book or put it off until I get more money? Should I be content on reading rants online, or get something that doesn't require electricity and broadband connections?

In the end, I said "What the Hell?" and bought the latter book.

People on the side of the Enemy had made Ann to be the Wicked Bitch of the Western World, but nothing can be further from the truth, and the truth according to Ann hurts like Hell on a summer day. She doesn't advocate genocide, has a nice dry sense of humour, respects her enemies even if though she wants them roasting on a spit over the fires of reason and she has a lot of heart.

Not to mention the fact that she is kinda cute.

I wouldn't mind marrying a woman like that. If there's anyone like that in my neck of wood, I'd be happier and saner.

But this is Progressive Canada, the land where common-sense conservatives are an edangered species and moral and social relativism poison the wells of reason and resolve. Where socialised medicine is considered a national virtue and anyone with a pulse and a smile can be a Canadian and are entitled to rights whether they deserve it or not. And where polititians who rip off the public coffers to line their pockets sue to be entitled to their entitlements. (See "David Dingwall".) I just hope that the Great Undecided do the right thing come Election Time.

For carrying Ann Coulter... God love you, Smithbooks at Scotia Square!

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