Monday, November 28, 2005


Liberals defeated, PM to call election Tuesday: it's about damn time!

Little Paulyanna's minority government, rife with indecision, arrogance, emasculation, opportunism and simple corruption, went down in a simple motion of no-confidence.

AdScam, the Belinda Stronach affair, dithering and Paulyanna's own immaturity caused all the parties in opposition to rise in arms against the 38th seesion of Parliament.

Of the major federal party leaders, the NDP's Jack Layton was the first to share his reaction with reporters.

In a scrum outside the House of Commons, the NDP Leader blamed the "stubbornness" and "inflexibility" of the Liberals for the election campaign set to begin Tuesday.

"People know the NDP can get results in Parliament… and we're proud of that record," he told reporters, calling the coming campaign "wide open".
Wise words from a man whose party's chances of forming the next government are slightly better than Hell freezing over.

Appearing upbeat in his own first public appearance following the historic vote, Prime Minister Paul Martin took the stage in front of a boisterous gathering of party faithful just moments later.

"Hey, we've got a campaign to run," he joked, struggling to quiet his caucus before adding another quip. "I just wanna say a few brief words to all before you head back to yor ridings to get fitted for snowshoes," Martin laughed.

Then, the Liberal leader adopted a more serious tone to laud his party.

"All of us have a lot to be proud of and I cannot tell you how proud I am of you," he said, adding that Canadians will now have the chance to judge each party's record for themselves.
Be careful what you wish for, Paulyanna: you might wind up getting it up the ass. All the pork that you promised everyone prior to the motion didn't save your opportunistic butt this time.

As Martin spoke, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was delivering his own confident caucus address.

"Set your sights not just on the next few weeks ... set your sights on the years ahead -- because our vision will look that far ahead," Harper said to cheers.

"Canadians need and they want and deserve a change. and to get that change we need a change in government ... A government that stands up for Canada -- a new Conservative government."
Now if we have a Conservative party whose leader has the right mix of charisma, pragmatism and backbone, Stephen, then we can vote you in.

But first and foremost, the Tories will have to work hard to regain our trust and our faith by not simply stating the facts, but by also doing a very effective propaganda campaign. Maybe by hiring some ex-KGB disinformation artists, you could reduce the Fibbing Libs' hold on the house to, let's say, 2 seats. Just like 1993.

But the lynchpins that are the keys to power in Canada are still Qu├ębec and Ontario. Without a doubt, the campaign to win the hearts, minds and souls of the electorates will make the Tet Offensive look like a teddy bears' picnic. Expect bloodshed, slander, rebuttals, facts, figures and huge bribes of pork for those who love and support the winning party the most.

And may the best man win.

Right, Stephen?

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